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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Amergent i-fund News: 30 Years Young

December, 2010

Amergent I-Fund

30 years young!

 By Heather Fignar
This month, Amergent celebrates 30 years of successful fundraising, and we’re proud of that.

Amergent 30th anniversary logoWe’ve got long-time clients whose programs have grown exponentially.

We’ve won a lot of creative awards for successful innovation in fundraising.

And as we reflected on our achievements and this milestone, it got us thinking about anniversaries. As fundraisers, we love them!

We love to celebrate donor anniversaries – it’s your opportunity to tell donors how much you appreciate all they have given over a period of years and thank them once more for their commitment to the mission.

Another anniversary to be mindful of is the time of year when a particular donor is most likely to say yes. Do a lot of your donors only give in December?
That anniversary is something you should be mindful of – always including them in the appeals at that time of year and maybe excluding them from appeals during times that they have never given. We’ve written an entire article about effectively reaching your seasonal “A teams.”

What about your own organization’s anniversary? How are you planning to talk about your next big anniversary? Are you going to focus on the organization – the staff, the board, and the founder? There are ways to celebrate your anniversary that are inclusive of your donors… that inspire people to the stay faithful to helping your mission.

Here are a couple of examples that we love:

Charity Water Turns 3: This live video is filmed in Haiti in a town that now has drinking water because of their donors. It’s loud. It’s simple. It makes an impact.

Because of You: To commemorate their 30th Anniversary, Greater Chicago Food Depository created a PSA thanking people for their help. They also created an online guestbook for people to sign.

Do you want to know more about the best way to acknowledge a donor's anniversary? Email us or call us at (800) 370-7500.

Amergent News

Amergent celebrates 30 years. Find out more about how we're helping nonprofits and "creating friends for life."

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From all of us at Amergent...

Happy Holidays!


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