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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

November, 2010

Today's Clips - November 19, 2010


This summary of recent news and research articles on mental health topics was prepared as a public service by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Stories from other media sources do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the foundation and its staff. Media sites may require a one-time free registration and academic and science journal sites may require a paid subscription to access articles.


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Congress OKs $44 million for Ike victims; Year extension of aid deadline will help 28,000 families

Houston Chronicle

November 18, 2010


... The money will enable 20,000 households to continue receiving federally supported food assistance, medical care and case management services through the University of Texas Medical Branch.



Report: Healthier Prisons, Healthier Communities

Texas Tribune

November 18, 2010


Spending more to improve prison mental and physical health care could improve public health in the free world, according to findings of researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and University of Oxford in England.



Budget cuts loom anew for Harris County; Departments asked to prepare for 10% reduction, gauge service impact

Houston Chronicle

November 19, 2010


County budget officials are looking for more than $130 million in spending cuts for the fiscal year that begins on March 1. Budget officials and county government department chiefs have three months to come up with a plan for how much and where to cut. Commissioners Court then will adopt and, perhaps, modify that plan to fund jails, courts, disease control, libraries, mental health services, parks, road maintenance and other county government services.



Dallas ISD adopts anti-bullying policy that includes protections for gay students

Dallas Morning News

November 19, 2010


The Dallas school board on Thursday passed an anti-bullying policy that includes protections for gay and lesbian students. Local gay and lesbian groups praised the language and called DISD's new policy pioneering. The policy includes provisions for a broad swath of students and is the first of its kind in DISD.



Doctors disciplined by Texas earn money from drug firms, records show

Dallas Morning News

November 18, 2010


The 33-year-old woman suffered from bulimia, anorexia and drug addiction. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Wayne C. Jones of Richardson, prescribed stimulants, antidepressants, anti-psychotics and a drug used to treat a thyroid condition. After the woman died of an overdose, a suicide, the Texas Medical Board found in 2000 that Jones "failed to thoroughly document his rationale for administration of dangerous drugs." ... But that hasn't stopped drug companies from seeking - and paying for - his expertise. For example, Glaxo-SmithKline recently reported paying Jones $27,000 as a speaker. Pfizer paid him $1,126.



Life without parole OK for juveniles, Texas court rules; Sentence is not too harsh for teens convicted of murder, judges

Austin American-Statesman

November 16, 2010


Sentencing juvenile murderers to life in prison without any chance of parole is not unreasonably harsh, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Wednesday. ... Although Texas law no longer allows the practice, life without parole was available for juvenile capital murder defendants who were tried as adults from 2005 to 2009. Twenty teens were sentenced to remain jailed until they die, including Meadoux, now 20.



Health Science Center appoints biomedical sciences dean

San Antonio Business Journal

November 17, 2010


The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio named neuroscientist David S. Weiss the new dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.



Solitary Men: Does prolonged isolation drive death row prisoners insane?

Texas Observer

November 10, 2010


Imagine spending 23 hours a day in a cement enclosure the size of a bathroom. Now imagine sitting in that small room nearly all day, every day without respite, for a year, five years, even 10 years. How long before you become restless and lonely? How long before you start pacing and talking to yourself? How long before you lose your mind?



Nelson seeks reforms to protect vulnerable residents

McKinney Courier Gazette

November 18, 2010


Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, today filed a package of legislation intended to reform state programs designed to protect children, seniors and Texans with disabilities.  ...Reforming Child Protective Services: SB 218 redesigns the state's foster care system to help displaced children remain in their home communities where they have access to valuable support networks. SB 219 better coordinates mental health services for abused and neglected children.



Halek Energy Announces Support for Wounded Warrior Project Through Philanthropic Arm Halek Charities


November 18, 2010


DALLAS -- The Wounded Warrior Project has been named a recipient of Halek Charities, the philanthropic arm of Halek Energy LLC, an independent oil and gas exploration company based in Southlake, Texas.  ...Just this week, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) announced the launch of WWP Restore. Restore is an online tool designed to deliver innovative educational content and self-help strategies to address combat related trauma and mental health issues like post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through the website, real warriors share their experiences and offer solutions.



Cold snap's hidden danger: Mental ill homeless not using shelters


November 18, 2010


SAN ANTONIO -- Thursday's freeze warning has shelters throughout out Bexar County reaching out to those left in the cold. But officials with one shelter, with plenty of room, said those who need it the most are turning it down. While many homeless folks decided to stay warm at Haven for Hope, located in downtown San Antonio, Thursday night during the cold spell, there are others who rather sleep on the streets.  And in many cases they just do not know any better,





Former professor sues UCF, says she was fired for complaining about textbook

Sun Sentinel (Fla.)

November 16, 2010


A former University of Central Florida  professor has filed a lawsuit against the school after she said she was let go because she refused to use a textbook that "contains antiquated and offensive racial, ethnic and other stereotypes." The federal lawsuit, filed Nov. 10, claims Dr. Nancy Rudner Lugo was a tenure-track professor in UCF's College of Nursing when the university decided not to renew her contract in 2008.,0,880523.story





Health Industry Cool To Complete Repeal Of Reform Law

National Public Radio

November 19, 2010

Republicans made major gains in the midterm election, running vowing to "repeal and replace" the health law passed with solely Democratic votes earlier this year. But while a large majority of GOP voters told exit pollsters they strongly support the idea of starting from scratch on the health overhaul issue, major players in the health care industry - usually strong Republican allies - are a lot less enthused about the idea.



With Medicaid waiver, California dives into health care reform


November 19, 2010


Nearly missed in the noise from newly elected politicians vowing to upend the Obama administration's health care reform law was a federal decision allowing California to start implementing it - and improve its fiscal situation in the process. On Election Day, California got word it would receive $10 billion in federal Medicaid money to extend coverage to some 500,000 people who are currently uninsured. The initiative means the nation's most populous state will dive right into the new health law's biggest challenge: providing coverage for low-income adults who are not eligible for Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor.



Auditors suggest ways to curb Medicaid drug costs, but legislators showed no interest in offering legislation to enact the recommendations

Kansas Health Institute

November 18, 2010


TOPEKA - Legislative auditors today spelled out five possible ways to curb the state's Medicaid prescription drug costs by up to $4.6 million a year. But members of the Legislative Post Audit Committee showed no interest in offering bills to enact the recommendations.



Deal reached to postpone doctors' Medicare cut

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

November 19, 2010


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate voted late Thursday to postpone a huge cut in Medicare pay for doctors, agreeing to pay doctors at current levels through Dec. 31. If the House goes along, Congress would stave off a 23 percent cut in doctors' pay scheduled to take effect Dec. 1. The cost of the one-month postponement, $1 billion over 10 years, will be paid for by changes in Medicare reimbursement for outpatient therapy services.



Private Medicare Plans Are Retrenching

The Wall Street Journal

November 18, 2010


Seniors enrolling in private Medicare policies starting this week are finding fewer options, as health insurers close down certain types of plans due to legislative changes and looming cuts to federal funding.





Editorial: Questions about Parkland care

Dallas Morning News

November 18, 2010


... Part of the picture is a culture at Parkland and UT Southwestern that grants relatively more autonomy to medical students and resident physicians than at some similar institutions. Whether that leaves patients at a disadvantage is a question open to debate that merits further disclosure.



Editorial: Baylor's admirable reach to help ailing soldiers

Baylor University The Lariat Online

November 19, 2010


For years, Baylor researchers from the psychology and neuroscience department and the School of Social Work have been working toward a cure for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A disorder known to plague war veterans, many have begun to delve into the problems surrounding PTSD in order to truly understand its devastating effects on both the veteran and his or her family.



Psychiatric disorders over-diagnosed

The Baltimore Sun

November 18, 2010


An Associated Press story in The Baltimore Sun ("Gov't survey: 1 in 5 adults suffered mental illness last year, but most went untreated," Nov. 18) maintains that 20 percent of "American adults suffered from mental illness during the past year [and that] [m]ost didn't receive treatment." This is one of those meaningless statistics that converts problematic Americans into "diseased" Americans and cites the "link" between "mental health problems" and alcoholism and drug abuse.,0,937019.story





Culturally sensitive treatment model helps bring depressed Chinese immigrants into treatment

Massachusetts General Hospital

November 18, 2010


A treatment model designed to accommodate the beliefs and concerns of Chinese immigrants appears to significantly improve the recognition and treatment of major depression in this typically underserved group.  In a report in the December American Journal of Public Health, a Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) research team describes how their model for screening and assessing patients for depression in a primary care setting increased the percentage of depressed patients entering treatment nearly sevenfold.



Depression-Like Behavior Identified in Zebrafish; Inability to Cope With Stress May Play Role in Depression

Science Daily News

November 19, 2010


Disrupting the stress response in zebrafish generates behaviors that resemble depression, according to new research presented at Neuroscience 2010, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, held in San Diego.



Body's 'Clock' Gene May Play Role in Depression

HealthDay News

November 18, 2010


Depression may be linked to increased activity in the gene that regulates the body's 24-hour (circadian) clock, the results of a study suggest.



Bipolar patients show age-related differences in Axis I comorbidity

Med Wire news

November 19, 2010


Results from an Italian study suggest that patterns of Axis I comorbidity differ by age among patients with bipolar disorder (BD).Psychiatric comorbidity, particularly substance abuse and anxiety disorders, affects around 50% of BD patients and can significantly influence clinical course and treatment response, explain Bernardo Dell'Osso and colleagues from the University of Milan



Microsmia linked to poor outcomes in first-episode psychosis patients

Med Wire News

November 19, 2010


The presence of olfactory identification deficits (microsmia) in patients with first-episode psychosis is associated with poorer outcomes after treatment, research shows.





Social Work Today Magazine

November 2010


·               Transitions in Therapy - Residential and Outpatient Challenges

·               Grandparents of Children With Autism

·               A Malpractice Insurance Primer

·               Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities

·               Research Supports Meditation for Stress Management

·               College Student Binge Drinkers Swap Food Calories for Alcohol

·               Psychologists Study Pay Day Behaviors

·               Will Sensory Processing Disorder Make the DSM-V?



Despite Daunting Illness, a Provider Forges Ahead

The New York Times

November 18, 2010


...But the tchotchkes also remind her that she is bipolar, and has indulged in uncontrollable bouts of compulsive shopping. ...In May, she found her way to Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, one of the seven beneficiary agencies of The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. Fia Sarmi, a caseworker there, met with her. "A lot of mentally ill people give up and collect disability, but she said, 'No, I will go back to school,' " Ms. Sarmi said.



'American Kills' public art highlights military suicide


November 17, 2010


A New York-based artist is using a wall as his canvas to draw attention to the suicide rate among U.S. troops. The simple exhibit, titled "American Kills," compares U.S. military suicides in 2009 to the number of troops killed in the Iraq War over the same time period.



NAMI Connection: Strength from Shared Experience

National Alliance on Mental Illness

November 17, 2010


...Peer support is essential in helping people living with mental illness realize they are not alone; that someone else understands what they are going through and are ready to help by offering insight from their own experience. Research has shown that participation in peer support programs is beneficial to the individual, causing recognizable improvement in psychiatric symptoms and decreased hospitalization, the expansion larger social support networks, enhanced self-esteem and social functioning while decreasing the lengths of hospital stays and the overall cost of treatment.



Ablechild - Unsung Hero in Battle Against Psychopharmaceutical Industry

Salient News

November 18, 2010


The founders of Ablechild, Patricia Weathers and Sheila Matthews, have earned the title of "Unsung Heroes," as both pioneers and warriors for over a decade, in the battle to protect children from the Psychop harmaceutical Industry. Ablechild (Parents for A Label and Drug-Free Education), is a national non-profit founded in 2001 , by these two mothers who each had personal experiences with being coerced by the public school system to label and drug their children for ADHD.





Foundations Likely to Increase Giving in 2011, According to Foundation Center Survey; Foundation Operations Have Stabilized in the Wake of Widespread Disruption

Foundation Center

November 18, 2010


New York, NY -Giving by U.S. foundations is poised for modest overall growth in 2011, after remaining flat in 2010. But it may take several years for giving to match the peak level recorded in 2008, according to estimates reported by the Foundation Center in Moving Beyond the Economic Crisis: Foundations Assess the Impact and Their Response.



BBB doesn't quite make the grade in its evaluations of charities

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

November 19, 2010


... In recent weeks, the local chapter made inexplicable mistakes when grading area charities, providing inaccurate information to 3,400 members about which area charities met its standards. The errors and a subsequent correction postcard, which contained more errors, angered some in Fort Worth's close-knit non-profit community. At the same time, the national BBB came under scrutiny by ABC News' 20/20, which aired a report last week showing that the BBB of the Southland in southern California offered to raise grades for businesses that paid to join.


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