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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Amergent i-fund News: Put out the Welcome Mat

November, 2010

Amergent I-Fund

 By Heather Fignar
Imagine this: You google for the charity of your choice. You scroll through 3 pages of results because the site isn’t optimized. On the site you hunt for the right place to sign up for more information and give them your email (a cherished commodity). For your trouble, you get an auto-responder message that says “thank you”… and then… nothing.

Welcome Mat 11.15.10Now imagine: The arrival of out-of-town friends who have never visited your home before. You have a clean house, something baking in the oven, fresh towels in the bathroom.  After you’ve offered them refreshments, you take them on a tour or you sit and visit.

How do you make new subscribers (or new online donors) feel “right at home”?

You send them a series of emails that says "Thank you for coming!" These messages will engage them in the mission, tell them they are important, and start an interactive relationship. They should include:
  • The email address to add to their safe sender list
  • Interactive elements that will engage them – video, a survey or petition, social media
  • An opportunity to become a donor or monthly donor
  • Contact information
  • A list of popular content or FAQs on your website.

The likelihood that a new subscriber opens the email is highest with the first messages and then starts to decline. You need to use those first messages wisely.  There isn’t a right number of messages in a series.

We suggest you test to find what works best for your audience.

Email #1: the auto-responder. This may be a screen that pops up after they hit submit or it may be an actual email, or both. Don’t waste this opportunity with generic “mission accomplished” text.

Start with more than one “Thank you.” This is also good place to include safe-sender info, login information, links to popular content on your site, and social media links.


Emails #2,3, etc: Highlight your popular programs and how donor participation can help you further your mission. Use involvement content like videos, petitions, and pledges.

Make sure the messages are graphically pleasing and load properly on mobile devices.


During the last 4 weeks of 2010, you’ll have a significant number of “new” people coming to your site.

Are you prepared to make them feel welcome? Do you have a “Thank you for coming” series ready?

If not, email us or call us at 1-800-370-7500 and we can help you get a welcome series created and in place to start off 2011.

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