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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Help the animals this Holiday Season!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

November, 2010

International Exotic Animal  Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 62, November 9, 2010

Help the animals this Holiday Season!

YellowBrick Mall

MiaMany of us like to do some of our holiday shopping online. This year, help the animals while you shop at no cost to you! When you click through to Yellowbrick Mall (from our site), and make a purchase, a portion of that purchase (the percentage or dollar amount listed under the merchant's name) goes to help the animals of IEAS! It's that easy! So avoid the crowds and help the cats and bears at the same time!

Capital One Credit Card

LuckyInterested in getting another credit card for this holiday season? Capital One provides a credit card that will allow you to easily donate to IEAS. Your first purchase will result in a $50 donation to the animal of the Sanctuary. After that, 2% of all gas and grocery store purchases and 1% of all other purchases will automatically be donated to IEAS. This is such an easy, automatic way to support these amazing creatures! You will receive all of the benefits of the Capital One Visa Platinum Card! Plus you will have three custom IEAS card designs to choose from! Click here to get started helping these amazing animals!


Nakita Nakita

Female Bobcat
Born November 3, 2005

Nakita will be five years old this month! Nakita arrived back in the beginning of 2009 and she has settled in very nicely to her new home. Nakita is an extremely playful bobcat so she has lots of toys to play with. She has many different favorite spots she likes to hang out in so it can be quite challenging when you are trying to find her. She may be in her house, on top of her house, hanging out in a tree or way up on her highest perch, just looking down at you!


Barnum Barnum

Male Bengal Tiger
Born November 9, 1993

Barnum will turn 17 years old this month. Barnum likes to play hide and seek when he gets fed breakfast in the mornings. He likes to hide behind the tree while the keeper lowers his gate and will only come out when the gate is ready to be raised so that he can go in and eat. Come see Barnum on your tour today!


Simba III Simba III

Male Bengal Tiger
Born November 23, 1995

Simba III will be 15 years old this month. While Simba may not be the largest tiger here at the Sanctuary, he is actually eating the most food right now. Simba has a very high metabolism and tends to eat more than you would think comparing him to another similar sized tiger. Simba is currently eating 16 lbs. of Triple A meat a day! That's a lot of food! He is good and healthy though so he is a happy tiger!


Lexus Lexus

Male Lion
Born November 24, 1995

Lexus will also be 15 years old this month. Lexus was found chained to a radiator in an apartment in Michigan when he was just over a month old. The Michigan Humane Society sent him to IEAS. Lexus is possibly the most dangerous cat at the Sanctuary. He is unlike any other male lion, always on guard, and always carefully watching for any movements anywhere within sight. He moves very quickly and with purpose. He does have some human friends whom he makes great concessions so they will feel comfortable in his presence.



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