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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Seminary offers revival preachers to churches
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

October, 2010

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Students from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are available to lead spring revivals, March 13-16, 2011.

            By sending students to preach revival meetings, Southwestern’s Spring Revival Program makes it possible for all churches in the lower 48 states to hold at least one revival per year. While on the field, preachers will not only present God’s Word during revival services, but they will also partner with local pastors for evangelism.

“We at Southwestern are excited to see God use this program, as he has done over the past 50 years, to transform and refresh individuals and local churches through the Gospel,” Thomas White, vice president for student services and communications, said. “But we also pray and hold high hopes that God will use these local revivals to create a ripple effect that revives this nation.”

During the spring of 2010, Southwestern students and faculty members shared the Gospel with nearly 950 people one-on-one, and preached a total of 230 sermons throughout the week. This effort resulted in 211 decisions, including 59 professions of faith. Since the program began in 1959, the seminary has deployed more than 5,500 preachers, ministering in more than 4,850 churches throughout the United States. Participants through the years have reported nearly 14,000 total professions of faith.

            For more information or to host a seminary student preacher for your church, visit the Southwestern Seminary website at While Southwestern will pay for the roundtrip transportation of preachers to and from the revival locations, churches are responsible for housing, meals and, in some cases, limited transportation, such as that to and from the airport and the church.

Benjamin Hawkins is a writer for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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