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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Two Brothers on an Inspiring Cross Country Journey Promote Philanthropy and Small Business in Texas
Million Dollar Road Trip

October, 2010

PRNewswire/ -- Be on the lookout for a bright blue 23-foot long Airstream trailer as the Million Dollar Road Trip (MDRT) visits Texas as part of a yearlong journey and entrepreneurial adventure!

Created by two brothers, Walter and Patrick Hessert, MDRT is a mobile cross-media marketing business that promotes and celebrates the American entrepreneurial spirit. The goal of this innovative campaign is to sell $1 million dollars of physical advertising on the MDRT Airstream in the form of 10,000 2 square inch ads and to convert its exterior into a mosaic of American businesses. Since the official launch on July 4th of this year, over 75 businesses have purchased nearly $60,000 in advertising space.

"The Airstream will be an icon of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship is an essential American ethos - fundamental to who we are, to what got us here today, and to what will propel us forward," states Walter, 27.

Along the way, MDRT is also awarding cash grants to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to pursuing their passions. The Hessert brothers, both graduates of the University of Notre Dame, built the MDRT business model on their mutual love for travel and entrepreneurship. Patrick, 23, says, "We want to inspire people to follow their passions.  We continue to find people around the country who embody our message by acting boldly; these are the stories we are eager to share."

The journey will cover over 40,000 miles, visit 48 states, and pass through 50 of the nation's largest cities. The MDRT route is marked around some of the most notable festivals and events in the country. While in Texas, MDRT appearances include: the Red River Shootout in Dallas; an Astros game in Houston; Austin City Limits in Austin; and many more.

The Million Dollar Road Trip is a memorable mobile marketing tool utilizing logo placement, promotional marketing, and social media. MDRT will visit 48 states over the course of a year with the goal of selling $1 million dollars worth of advertising. The mission is to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in America by highlighting ambitious and creative people throughout the country. MDRT awards cash grants to young Americans who inspire others with their passion and audacity. More information at and @milliondollarrt.


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