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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Hill Country Council for the Arts Events
Hill Country Council for the Arts

September, 2010

Hill Country Council for the Arts Newsletter
September 20, 2010 Celebrating the Arts in the Texas Hill Country

You don't want to miss -WINE SHARE BOERNE!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

September themed wine:  Latin/South American Wines

July Hosts:  Amy and Bob Niederhauser

COSAS Gallery, 1109 South Main Street

Remember our special offer from Boerne WineSeller:  10% discount on wine purchased for WineShare events!

and be sure to visit installation of monumental Robert Summers' Longhorn sculptures at the 'Boerne Stage',

Main Plaza at Ye Kendall Inn...

The Purpose is Simple:

To discover new businesses; to meet new people passionate about the arts; and to enjoy new wines! 

Please join like-minded people in conversation regarding the arts, culture, and good wine, in Boerne!!

The Rules:

1. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine and your favorite wine glass.
2. Bring a Friend.
3. Check your e-mails for October Wine Share Boerne!

Latin American/South American Wines

The wine producing nations of South America are making great strides in improving the quality of their product. The wines of Chile are the most predominant on the foreign market, but Argentina is increasing quality, and consequently is making an impact.


West of the Andes, Chile's climate varies from the heat of the arid, rocky, mountainous desert to the north and the icy, Antarctic expanse in the south. Midway between the two are the warm, fertile valleys that are home to this nation's vineyards. Although, like many New World nations Chile has only made an impact on the foreign market in the past decade, viticulture has been established here for centuries. There are a wide selection of international varieties planted, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and others. In truth, much of what was once thought to be Merlot has recently been identified as Carmenère, a rarely planted variety of Bordeaux. Many wineries are offering varietal Carmenère, although many also continue to blend it with the correctly identified Merlot.


The slow arrival of Argentinean wines abroad does not signify a lack of produce, however, as few countries have more land committed to viticulture. The pulling up of perhaps a third of the vineyards in existence, followed by some selective replanting of quality varieties was the first step towards the production of quality wine suitable for the wine drinkers of North America and Europe. Argentina has one other significant aide to an increase in exports. Like Carmenère in Chile, Argentina has its own French variety, Malbec. This grape, historically thought of as a minor Bordeaux variety, is behind some of Argentina's top reds. Argentina has another interesting grape, Torrontés, a white variety with some character. With good winemaking this variety can produce fresh and aromatic wines, not unlike those made from Muscat.

Thanks to our newest friend Lauren Moore at Boerne Cooking Cottage for a memorable Wine Share Boerne! who dazzled us with gourmet treats to enjoy with last month's selections.  It was a family affair, and we enjoyed meeting the crew!


*When doing business in Boerne, please remember recent WSB! hosts:

Vive Rouge, Tryst Salon, Burlap Horse and Tootie Pie Company, Boerne WineSeller.

 For more details, or to host a Wine Share Boerne!, contact Paula Horner, Membership Chair,, or 830/537-5317,

and join HCCArts at; we accept PayPal!


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