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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Effective Nonprofit Practices: Increasing Funders' Confidence in your Organization
Onestar Foundation

September, 2010

New Learning Opportunity
Effective Nonprofit Practices: Increasing Funders' Confidence in your Organization
OneStar Foundation and our partners are offering a new learning opportunity in more than 10 cities across Texas and they are available at no cost to interested nonprofit, faith-based and community organizations.

The Effective Nonprofit Practices: Increasing Funders’ Confidence in your Organization session is a strategic opportunity for nonprofit leaders to gain an increased awareness of critical principles that funders look for in effective governance and ethical practices of nonprofit organizations.

It will cover the 33 principles discussed in the Independent Sector’s Panel on the Nonprofit Sector’s “Principles of Good Governance and Ethical Practice.”

Some of the main objectives covered include:
  • Essential legal compliance issues related to laws and regulations, code of ethics, conflicts of interest and protection of assets.
  • Essential Board responsibilities that include fiscal and governance policies, key financial transactions, annual budget and reviewing and approving mission and strategic direction.
  • Importance of Board independence and associated legal and compliance issues.
  • Risks of “interlocking financial relationships” among Board members and how these risks impact the organization.
  • Importance of segregation of duties and associated legal and compliance issues related to the separation of CEO, Board Chair, and Board Treasurer.
  • How to maintain complete, accurate, and current financial records and associated legal and compliance issues.
To learn more about this opportunity and a list of our partners, visit

OneStar Foundation: Texas Center for Social Impact
816 Congress Avenue, Suite 900 | Austin, Texas 78701 | 512.287.2000


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