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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Generous Organizations offer their services to Nonprofit Campus
Round Rock Community Foundation

September, 2010

The Greater Round Rock Community Foundation is very pleased to announce that demolition of the future site of the new Nonprofit Campus begins Friday, September 10th.  The Nonprofit Campus is a project initiated by the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation with a mission of centralizing nonprofit services. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life in Round Rock by enhancing the depth of available resources. Demolition of the site has been made possible through the donation of $35,000 worth of services from Atmos Energy, Round Rock Refuse and Ramming Paving.

In July 2008, the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation received a donation of six acres of land valued at $1.3 million from Trisun Healthcare for the sole purpose that it be used to serve the community.  And it is indeed being used to serve the community.

WBC Opportunities will be the first to build. Throughout its history, WBC Opportunities has administered a wide range of social service and economic opportunity programs benefiting many thousands of low and moderate income persons. The availability of this site will enable WBC Opportunities to double their 4-5 year old Headstart program and start a new 0-3 program.

Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child and family development programs that prepare children from birth to five years of age to become successful school students and members of society.  Head Start was started in the mid-1960’s and has grown into a multi-faceted partnership involving the federal government and local education, social service and health organizations. 

The Greater Round Rock Community Foundation will eventually build and locate on the property as well. They will initiate a nonprofit incubator program for new nonprofits or nonprofits new to the area and help existing nonprofits grow and maximize their impact. The goal is to boost the region’s nonprofit landscape through provision of administrative office space.

The land, on East Main just east of Georgetown Street, will incorporate neighborhood suitable architectural elements, lighting, landscaping and municipal parkland. The Greater Round Rock Community Foundation and WBC Opportunities are actively planning the site with the involvement of the surrounding neighborhood and the City of Round Rock.

The Greater Round Rock Community Foundation enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about. Their knowledge of the community enables them to make a difference by funding high-impact initiatives addressing a broad range of local needs. Their goal is to build creative and sustainable endowments to ensure that grants are always available to support the community.


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