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Monday, January 22, 2018

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An Open Letter from the Writers Garrett
Writer's Garrett

September, 2010

Sometimes There Are Bigger Questions Than "To Be or Not To Be..."

I'm approached all the time to endorse different causes--usually pertaining to books
and literacy (not surprisingly)--but only once in a while do I find myself actually
compelled to speak out.

The Writer's Garret  []is
just such a cause.
In my day, we didn't have critique groups [],
writers visiting schools [],
youth mentoring []
(see page 36!), workshops [],
and literary events [].
How I would have loved to study Fiction Writing with Bridget Foley []
or maybe take a course in Biblical stories  []to
learn more about story arcs and plotting. I've always had problems with that. If
I'd taken a course in Screenplay Writing with Russell DeGrazier [],
I could have adapted Romeo and Juliet myself, and not had to wait on Franco Zeffirelli
or any of those pretenders since.  Imagine the opportunity to expand my poetry repertoire
WAY beyond the Sonnet form with "Vort Ting" discussions  []or
workshops emphasizing poetry []
that doesn't even rhyme. What wonders lie before you!

"This above all: to thine own self be true." The Writer's Garret will help you to
tap your own creative insights, and best of all, they are offering a Labor Day Special
of 10% off PLUS an extended "Early Bird" pricing IF you sign up for courses no later
than this coming Tuesday, 5 PM.  No need to hire a messenger--you can do it all
"on-line" (a miracle, to be sure).  All you need to do is check out The []
Writer's Garret []
calendar [],
calculate the early bird price, subtract an additional 10%, and then click here


Is there even a question?
I've oft been quoted as saying, "Don't borrow or lend money because the lender often
loses both the money and the friend, and the borrower becomes wasteful." I wish
to add that donating to a worthy organization is money well spent and rewards your
soul, your heart, and art for all.
Next Wednesday, September 8, is "Get up and Give" Day []
through DonorBridge from 7 AM to 7 PM. Even if it's only $5, please PLEASE donate
to The Writer's Garret through this link on Wednesday [].
DonorBridge will match many of the donations made, plus the organization with the
largest number of individual donors gets $10,000! You can even re-up your annual
membership of $25 (students, seniors, affiliates, and educators) or $45 (regular)
at the DonorBridge site (and everyone who does, gets a FREE one-year gift membership
to give to a friend).

I'm fond of saying, "Cowards die many times before their deaths," so, be brave.
Live life fully by finding your inner aspiring author, personal poet, or darling
donor, and support The Writer's Garret. You just might help some young child  []or
talented adult  []become
the next Shakespeare!

Your friend in literature,


The Writer's Garret | PO Box 140530 | Dallas | TX | 75214-0530


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