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Monday, January 22, 2018

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August, 2010

Greenlights for NonProfit Success
News You Can Use
From Our Blog: Mission Driven
IED Series: "Please don't burden me with your appreciation."
Guest post on July 26, 2010 by Mike Rush, Member of Greenlights' Interim Executive Director Pool
"Please don't burden me with your appreciation." This comment emerged during a focus group with volunteers who were members of care teams for persons with long-term illness. Agency staff was anxious to find out how the volunteers felt about the events and activities designed to recognize their service, such as recognition at the annual gala. MORE>>

When Less Is More: Strategic Planning is the New Black
Posted on July 22, 2010 by Tara Kirkland
Does it ever strike you that all of the options we're presented with in modern life can be a bit overwhelming? As I stare in my closet some mornings and contemplate my wardrobe choice for the day, I wish Greenlights required uniforms. There's another five minutes in my day freed up! MORE>>

On a Mission to Ignite a Nonprofit Revolution. Seriously.
Posted on July 15, 2010 by Ann Starr
It was more than a little intimidating to announce that "On a Mission: Igniting a Nonprofit Revolution" would be the theme of the upcoming Texas Nonprofit Summit. When we asked our staff, partners, board members and Education Advisory Council for feedback on the theme idea, the most common response was "Sounds wonderful, but can we do that? Is it really going to be revolutionary?" MORE>>
Upcoming Workshops
Grant Evaluation and Reporting - 7/29/2010
Learn the importance of grant evaluation, its components, and accurate and timely reporting. Presenters Sue Breland, Breland Facilitation and Michele Walker-Moak, Applied Materials, will explain how to create and use appropriate grant measurement systems and reporting methods.

Board Essentials - 7/29/2010
Discover the fundamental principles and best practices that every nonprofit board member should know. Learn about roles and responsibilities, financial management, fundraising, planning, and how to work with staff and colleagues.

Nuts & Bolts of Bookkeeping - 8/5/2010
Gain an understanding of bookkeeping, accounting and financial management. Great for nonprofit staff and board members, especially board treasurers, who are new to financial management. Clay Newman, CPA, will explain various financial terms, accounting principles, systems for tracking your transactions, the how's and why's of generating financial statements, and more.

Basics of QuickBooks and Nonprofit Accounting - 8/12/2010
Improve the reliability and usefulness of your accounting records. Learn how to set up and use QuickBooks, and gain insight in overall structure, transaction entries, reports and budgeting.  

Lunch & Learn: Balance in the Workplace - 8/17/2010
Free for Greenlights members!
Join the founders of Dynamic Bodyworks to learn simple and easy ways to avoid and correct the increased muscle tension and stress you get from long hours sitting at a computer or in meetings. You'll gain knowledge about how your body works and learn numerous exercises, stretches, and easy-to-implement ideas for a more relaxing workday.

Budgeting and Financial Reporting - 8/19/2010
Clay Newman, CPA, will guide you through the basics of nonprofit budgeting, including designing and planning, cost/income projections and expenses, and cash flow. Gain insights in reading a budget calendar, understanding budget cycles, and how to implement, monitor and revise.

Do-It-Yourself Video Production with Lights. Camera. Help. - 8/25/2010
Want to use video to connect to your community and inspire your donors? Do you lack the skills, budget or confidence? Join the founders of Lights. Camera. Help. to learn everything you need to know to film, edit and share your story. In this interactive, fast-paced training, you'll get expert advice on DIY video production, and guidance for getting the most out of your video to ensure a maximum return on your investment.

Beyond the Basics of Excel - 9/2/2010
This course will save you time and headache by teaching you tips and techniques to get the most out of Excel. Learn to format several worksheets simultaneously, create and automate reports, set up formulas, and use techniques for ensuring accuracy and finding errors. Tina Arnold, President at Full Circle Development, will help you maximize your work time and put the true power of Excel to work for you.

Board Essentials - 9/7/2010
Discover the fundamental principles and best practices that every nonprofit board member should know. Learn about roles and responsibilities, financial management, fundraising, planning, and how to work with staff and colleagues.
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