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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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A Glimpse of Life at IEAS
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

May, 2010

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary -  Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 51, May 04, 2010

A Glimpse of Life at IEAS

Here at IEAS, there are so many different things that need to get done in order to provide these amazing animals with the highest quality of life possible. Some things may not even be animal-related, but they still need to get done. With the nice weather finally upon us, we are able to complete a lot of tasks to help improve the Sanctuary. The staff, interns and volunteers are always working hard to keep all of the animals of IEAS happy and healthy! Check out some of these pictures to see what kinds of work must get done in order to accomplish this goal!

Fixing a pool  filler Habitat  Construction Mowing


Fixing a pool filler

Habitat Construction



Painting Repairing a Pool School  Presentations



Repairing a Pool

School Presentations


Tours Trimming Trees Weedeating



Trimming Trees



May Birthdays!

Newt Newt

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1994
Arrived May 1, 1996

Newt will turn 16 years old this month! Newt was placed at the Sanctuary after a young couple decided that they could no longer care for him. Newt likes to spend most of his days lounging on his high, corner perch or on his highest triangle perch. You will usually get a good look at him as you pass by on your tour at IEAS.


Tassers Tassers

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1988
Arrived August 1, 1991

Tassers will be 22 years old this month. Tassers has benefited greatly from our Emotional Enrichment Program. He loves to have people come to sit by the fence and visit with him. When keepers have to complete tasks inside the habitat such as cleaning, raking, or repairing a perch, they will usually need something to distract this curious cat while they are working. Tassers loves to lay down and rub on your feet. To avoid this problem, the keepers will bring in a large flake of hay or a leaf bucket to distract him. He loves to play with these items, rolling around in the hay or climbing in and out of the leaf buckets. It's a win win for everyone! The keepers are able to get their work done and Tassers has loads of fun!


Mia Mia

Female Amur Leopard
Born May 12, 1997
Arrived January 25, 1998

Mia will be 13 years old this month! Mia came to IEAS from the Coumbus Zoo when she was retired from educational tours with Jack Hanna. She came from Oakhill Center in Oklahoma. Mia is one of the rarest large cat in the world. When Mia arrived at IEAS, she was very distrusting of humans. Louis, Animal Behaviorist, worked with Mia using our Emotional Enrichment Program for long amounts of time earning her trust and companionship. She began to see Louis as a source of security, comfort and affection. She is now comfortable around those she trusts and will come down and lay by visitors and greets them with an affectionate rumbling sound.


Bob9 Bob9

Male Bobcat
Born May 12, 1994
Arrived June 1, 1995

Bob9 also has a birthday on May 12th! He will be 16 years old. Bob9 was placed at IEAS because his owner traveled a great deal and was not able to properly care for him. Many people want to have an exotic pet, and think that a bobcat will be much easier to take care of than a lion or tiger. Once their new pet grows up, they usually find that they have made a big mistake. Check out this article that explains why exotic animals don't make good pets!


Zippy Zippy

Female Bengal Tiger
Born May 20, 2001
Rescued October 9, 2008

Zippy will be nine years old this month. Zippy has been living in her new home for a little over a year now. She lives in a large, natural habitat with grass, trees, perches, a house, and a pool with a waterfall. We weren't sure if Zippy would ever use her pool, after almost drowning when she was left abandoned in Hurricane Ike. But we have seen her in the pool a couple of times. She really loves to lay on her waterfall, or on the side of her pool to get a drink! Zippy is a very affectionate tiger and she is actually the first cat that you will see on your tour. If she comes out to see you, you will usually be greeted with a chuff!



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