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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Charitable Habits by Generation: March 2010 Study
Ardent Giving Solutions

April, 2010

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Ardent Giving Solutions

 "Our Passion: Your Mission"
Issue: # 2 April 17, 2010
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 Charitable Habits by Generation
A recent study published March 2010 by Edge Research, Sea Change Strategies, and Convio titled "The Next Generation of American Giving
compared the "charitable habits of Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Matures" reported the following:
Estimated Donors and Contribution by Age Segment
Avg. Contributions/Year$
Estimated Annual Contributions
Gen  X
Gen Y (ages 18-21)
Estimated Population
Estimated % of Giving
Estimated Number of Donors
Gen  X
Gen Y (ages 18-21)
Generational Groups and Average Contributions per Year
Average  contributions
Future Giving Plans by Age Segment 
future giving
Donation Changes Overall by Generation
donation changes
* checkout donation means making a contribution when buying your groceries
Top Charity Information Channels by Generation

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Age Group Definitions:
  • Matures (b. 1945 and earlier) 
  • Baby Boomers (b.1946-1964)
  • Gen X (b.1965-1980)
  • Gen Y (b. 1981-1991)
Download entire report at
Streamlining Donations from All Generations
The report above indicates that generations become aware of and give to
non-profits using several channels:
  • A Direct Mail piece may solicit donations which are then placed Online.
  • Organization's website may engage person in annual gala dinner where support may be given via donation card at place setting.
  • News article may report your upcoming 5k to the community who then registers for event via mail.
  • Your eNewsletter may communicate a pieces about your new resale shop providing the opportunity for donors to purchase and give in person.
Suggested Steps for Success
  • Remain consistent in your communication regardless of where message is received.  Have twitter, facebook, newsletters, direct and face to face interactions all carry the same consistent message.
  • Allow opportunities for giving via every channel. "The younger the donor the more channels must be available to give".
  • Track donations from all giving channels to understand trends.
Streamline Giving Channels
In our daily discussions with non-profits regarding how they are fundraising we are constantly struck by the same findings:
  • Each donation channel is processed via a different processor.
  • Each processor requires several hours of administration time to either receive funds or obtain reports
  • By completing business in this fashion, non-profits are met with high processor expenses and administration costs.
An example of one such conversation included a local charity using 3 different processors to complete all their fundraising efforts:
  • Online giving via their website
  • Phone authorizations obtained for their mail-in 5k registration and gala dinner donations (5 hours spent obtaining authorizations and processed at the highest cost)
  • Cedit Card terminal used at their charity resale shop
Our solution:
  • Set-up fund categories in donor management software  for online giving and 5K registration.
  • Plugged into owned terminal used at charity shops and suggested that be used at for their gala event where cards could be swiped in person to give a donation ensuring them for the lowest processing rate and batched that evening when plugged into a phone line.
  • All donations downloaded into donor software to track giving trends and campaigns
  • All donations deposited into Nonprofit's account within 2 business days reduced costs by 63%
It is our goal to understand:
  •  Who is your target audience
  •  How you are communicating to this population
  •  What giving channels your organization is providing
  •  How you are tracking your giving trends and successes
By doing so, we can create a solution that fits your organization, decrease both expense and administration time, and allow you more time and money to accomplish your mission.
To customize your donation solution please contact us at:
Ardent Giving Solutions
PO Box 93778    Southlake, Texas    76092


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