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Monday, January 22, 2018

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News from Ardent Giving Solutions
Ardent Giving Solutions

April, 2010

Ardent Giving Logo

Ardent Giving Solutions

"Our Passion: Your Mission"

Issue: # 1 April  2010
Credit card and world 
Who is Ardent Giving Solutions?
Ardent Giving Solutions, a North Texas based company, was founded in 2009 by a former Payment Processing executive specifically to lower the donation expenses for Nonprofit and
Faith-Based Organizations:

"These organizations have long been underserved by the payment processing industry which has traditionally only offered programs targeted toward for profit businesses. Your organizations needs differ significantly. We recognize these differences and provide solutions designed specifically for your organization with the goal of lowering your expenses and increasing your donations."      Bryce Collman CEO/Founder 

"Our Passion: Your Mission"

Nonprofits and Faith-Based organizations have different ways of fundraising to accomplish their mission. However, the services offered are typically a high expense, one size fits all solution. By listening to each organization we find out what is important to you and can customize a low cost solution to meet your needs. Examples of solutons: 
After holding gala dinner a adminstrator for nonprofit spent 5 hours obtaining phone authorizations for written credit card donations:
  • Provided "seasonal terminal" so that credit card transactions could be swiped or key-entered.
    • Reduced costs for each transaction
    • Reduced administration type
    • Reduced security risk of written credit card numbers
    • Monies deposited into bank account in 2 business days
Therapeutic Riding Center used 3 providers for their donations
Face-to-Face, Online and Golf Tournament Registrations:
  • Provided "virtual terminal" to accept online donations and key-enter face to face transactions.
  • Fund category entered into their CRM software for Golf Tournament Registration.
    • Reduced costs for transactions
    • Reduced administration time
    • All transaction information downloaded into CRM tool
    • Monies deposited to bank account in 2 business days
Charity resale shop was being charged 5% fixed rate to accept credit and debit cards:
  • Plugged into their owned PCI compliant terminal
  • Reduced transaction costs by 50%
By listening to how our partners accept donations, we provide customized solutions and have reduced donation expenses an average of 43%.  Our passion is to reduce administration time and expense so that you can concentrate on achieving your mission. 
Keeping Your Heart and Money in Balance
"The cost of processing donations has long outweighed the principle of reducing expenses so that our community partners can accomplish their mission"  Bryce Collman
Previously there were few pricing options for Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations to accept Credit, Debit and ACH donations:
  • Fixed Pricing     All donations being charged one fee
  • Tiered Pricing   Donation types put into 3 pricing tiers
While Nonprofits are using these forms of "static" pricing, large companies are offered much better rates using a form of "dynamic" pricing called Interchange. Interchange Pricing qualifies you for the lowest cost per transaction based on: 
  • What kind of card was used for the transaction (Credit, Debit, Visa, MC, ACH, etc.)
  • How the transaction took place (Online, in-person, over the phone, via mobile device) 
    Compare costs for Fixed, Tiered and Interchange Pricing: 
Fixed Pricing Model
Percentage Cost
per Donation
Total Cost per
$50.00 Donation
Provider A
Provider B
2.60%  + .28 cents 
Provider C
2.20%  + .30 cents
Costs charged to all card types and all transaction types

Tiered Pricing Model
Percentage Cost
per Donation
Total Cost per
$50.00 Donation
All Debit Card Donations
2.19% + .45 cents
All Credit Card Donations
2.75% + .45 cents
All American Express Cards
3.30% + .45 cents
Costs charged based on card type
All "Fixed" and "Tiered" Rate examples from leading "Nonprofit Focused" providers.
Ardent Giving Solutions Interchange Pricing 
Interchange Pricing Model
Percentage Cost
per Donation
Total Cost per
 $50.00 Donation
In-Person, Swiped, Visa Debit
1.53% + .25 cents
In-Person, Swiped, Visa Credit
2.04% + .20 cents
Online Visa Debit Card
2.10% + .25 cents
Online Visa Credit Card
2.30%  +.20 cents
Highest rate you should ever receive from "Interchange Pricing" is:
Wholesale Interchange Rate + .50% + .10 per transaction   (as shown)

No matter the card type or transaction type, interchange pricing can reduce your costs thusly allowing your organization to apply more money toward accomplishing your mission.


Ardent Giving Solutions was created specifically for Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations so that less time and money is spent on fundraising freeing up more time to concentrate on your mission: Keeping your Heart and Money in Balance.  

 To create your customized solution and reduce expenses contact  

Ardent Giving Solutions


PO Box 93778  Southlake, Texas  76092


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