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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Boom Foundation

April, 2010

Who is that one person who inspires you? For Roxy Shah, it is her grandmother who passed away in 2005. Shah
credits her continued volunteer service to her grandmother’s compassion and devotion to others. “After my
grandmother’s passing, I dedicated my life to volunteer service because she stressed the importance of
volunteering,” said Shah.
Shah first began volunteering with children and for organizations focused on children’s causes, including the Boys
and Girls club of Santa Barbara, CA. As a resident of Dallas, TX Shah saw the BOOM Foundation – Dallas Chapter
as an opportunity to continue her volunteer commitment and foster relationships with those in her grandmother’s
Since the Spring of 2009 Shah has volunteered as a member of the BOOM Foundation at the Forum, Assisted
Living/Retirement Community, for special events including the Popcorn Social, the Memorial Day Barbeque, and
the Christmas Card Decorating Party. In addition to special events, Shah has begun the process of becoming an
individual volunteer at the Forum. During her time at the Forum, Shah has met residents who make each visit
enjoyable. During the Memorial Day Barbeque Shah was walking through the halls of the Forum meeting with
residents who were unable to attend the barbeque and noticed a female resident smiling at her. Shah was able to
visit with this resident and brought her an American flag. “She wanted me to stay, but I had limited time with the
residents on the floor. As I left she had tears in her eyes,” said Shah. Shah was able to visit with this resident during
a second visit to the Forum. “I made my way back to her and she was in the hall. She grabbed my arm to speak to
me. We talked for a while and I know that we both enjoyed this visit,” said Shah.
Although Shah said that both she and the resident enjoyed the visit, Shah adds that some people may have hesitations when
volunteering with the elderly. For instance, Shah notes that volunteers may experience a situation when a resident is non responsive.
Her advice is to understand the situation and keep and open mind. “You have to realize that they are in a state of mind and cannot
cater to your feelings all of the time. I have now realized that it is not about me and at the end of the day they deserve my respect,”
said Shah.
Along with the relationships with Forum residents, Shah has also developed relationships with other BOOM volunteers. “You meet
people with a common interest. You come as an individual and you make friends,” said Shah. For the future of BOOM, Shah will
continue her devotion to others, inspired by her grandmother, by continuing her volunteer service to the BOOM Foundation. “I enjoy
what I have done so far and I would like it to continue,” said Shah.
On Tuesday, February 9, seven employees of Jones Day Law Firm visited with residents at the Dallas Rehabilitation
Center. One of the employees included, Justin Thompson, President of the BOOM Foundation, Dallas Chapter. The
employees volunteered their time to visit with residents, pass out Valentine’s Day candy, and participate in an afternoon
Bingo game.
The visit took place on the third floor, which houses the long-term care patients. Diane Bell, Activities Coordinator for the
Dallas Rehabilitation Center, notes that the residents on the third floor participate in daily activities during their extended
stay. “The residents on the third floor are our long-term care residents and they take part in games and bible studies,” said
Bell. The residents enjoyed the afternoon Bingo game and spending time with the volunteers.
In addition to the Bingo game, the volunteers were able to meet with individual residents on the third floor. Amanda Sisk,
Recruiter at Jones Day, notes the need for volunteering at extended care centers. “It is a small thing you can do for
residents. My grandmother was at the Dallas Rehabilitation Center not too long ago and I know that a little visit goes a
long way with the residents,” said Sisk. One resident who made an impression on the volunteers was a 93-year-old woman
named, Mary. “Ms. Mary was awesome,” said Nam Tran, Associate Lawyer at Jones Day. Mary and her roommate
accepted the chocolate from the volunteers and said they would use the chocolate to make their own Valentines at the
As the visit came to an end the residents thanked the volunteers for spending the afternoon with them and the volunteers
reflected on their time spent at the center. When asked of the overall experience that day, Tran said, “It was wonderful.
The residents’ faces brightened up when we walked through the door. It was a very heartwarming experience.”
Guoping Da and Julie Kaplan
with a female resident
Justin Thompson with another
female resident
From left to right:
Amanda Sisk, Julie Kaplan,
Guoping Da, Lon Outland
Nam Tran, Kathy Shea
and Justin Thompson
Check out the BOOM Foundation’s new web site: It’s a great resource for upcoming Dallas Chapter activities, ways to get involved, sponsorship information, or for more about this great organization. Got some spare time? Check us out!
Come out for our BOOM Beach Volleyball Social Event at the Backyard Beach Bar! We’ll be hitting the sand from 12 pm until 6 pm on Saturday, April 10. Check out the following link for more information on the event:
Interested in volunteering at the Forum? The Forum is a wonderful venue that offers many different avenues for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at the Forum, contact: Membership/Volunteer Chair -Casey Laine@
Justin Thompson –Dallas Chapter President
Paige Southern –VP of Development
Matt Lewis –VP of Finance
Desiree Jacobsen –VP of Communications
Casey Laine–Membership/Volunteer Chair
Travis Haymore–Event Planning and Fundraising Chair
Each dollar given goes toward helping seniors. Your donation supports our mission of assisting those in our community who are in the twilight of their lives. Our low overhead ensures that your donation will support and benefit seniors in need. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The BOOM Foundation.
Written by Desiree Jacobsen and Designed by Mark Johnson


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