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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Six reasons people donít give, and what you can do about them
Jeff Brooks

March, 2010

You know all the reasons people should give to you. Do you know the reasons they don’t?

A post at About Nonprofit Charitable Orgs, Why People Don’t Give to Our Causes, looks at some of those as put forth by ethicist Peter Singer, author of The Life You Can Save. Here are things that block donors from giving, and what good fundraising can do about it:

No identifiable victim

Donors are much less likely to respond to a huge, abstract problem than to a specific person in need. Good fundraising shows how large-scale problems play out in the lives of individuals—and how the donor can impact individuals.


People are much more inclined to help solve nearby than faraway problems. Good fundraising erases the distance by bringing those distant problems close to home.


Donors are less inclined to act when they sense they can’t make a difference. Good fundraising makes it clear that every gift makes a meaningful difference.

The diffusion of responsibility

There’s much less compulsion to act if you feel like one of a large number people standing by, waiting for someone who. Good fundraising zeroes in on each donor and shows their responsibility and opportunity in the situation.

The sense of fairness

Many donors need proof that they aren’t “unfairly” shouldering the burden. Good fundraising lets them know that there are other donors like them who are all doing their part.


Research seems to show that thinking about money can depress altruism. Good fundraising is about the cause, not the money.

Reprinted with permission from Jeff Brooks’ blog, Future Fundraising Now.


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