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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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You Go!
Breakfast with Fred

March, 2010

It is a leader’s privilege and responsibility to give others permission to succeed.  Here are four examples I find helpful:

1. Verbalize it – For some reason, many people find it difficult to tell people they have permission to succeed.  But, if our people are to reach their God-given potential, we must say, “You’ve got it.  God hasn’t fenced you in capriciously.  The psychological barriers of family background, education, circumstances will only limit you if you let them.  You have my permission to go as far as you can go!” 

2. Reinforce it - To stretch people’s horizons I use a drip system.  One day I might say, “That’s terrific.”  The next day I would follow up with, “Last year would you have believed you could do that?  You may be surprised at what you can accomplish next year.”

3. Implement it – People need opportunities to succeed.  I once created a task force and assigned an hourly worker with no management experience.  I wanted to see if he could run as far as I thought he could.  Man alive, he didn’t just run – he sprinted!  Creating visibility for success is a leader’s responsibility.  The good point guard sees not only who has the ball, but who is going to be open to shoot and gets the ball there.

4. Demand it – Fuel a person’s desire by saying, “You have my permission to succeed.”  But after they succeed, you switch from giving permission to making it a responsibility.  “God’s given you something to develop.  It’s your responsibility to take that and do as much with it as you can.”

A personal word to you:  some leaders find it hard to give permission when they have struggled with this themselves.  Not everyone comes from a nurturing home; and, not everyone goes home to a nourishing family.  But leaders find what I did ---- you find your uniqueness and step out in faith, knowing God will keep us moving.  I once said to a pastor who was struggling with this: “Keep opening the vista.  If you’ve been able to see a little further than where you are, it may be possible for you to see a great deal further.  Yes, everyone has a limit, but most of us and our organizations are so far from that place, we don’t have to worry about colliding and crashing.  It is a long way from bumping the limit.”

When you are given permission to succeed, pass it on.

This week carefully ponder: 1) Who first gave me permission to succeed? 2) How have I let fear hinder my sprint? 3) What can I do right now to give someone else permission?

Words of Wisdom:  “It is a leader’s privilege and responsibility to give others permission to succeed.”

Wisdom from the Word: “Make sure you are  very strong and brave! Carefully obey  all the law my servant Moses charged you to keep! Do not swerve from it to the right or to the left, so that you may be successful  in all you do.” (Joshua 1: 6,7 NET Bible)

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Breakfast with Fred

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