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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - See photos of these majestic animals
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

March, 2010

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 48, March 02, 2010

Capital One

Capital One CardSo many of us wish that we could give more to worthy organizations. We want to help, but times are tough right now, and many people don't have that extra little bit to give. Here at IEAS we are always searching for ways that people can help out at no cost to them. So here is one more way that you can help the animals of IEAS without costing you a penny!

Capital One CardCapital One is now providing a credit card that will allow you to easily donate to IEAS at no extra cost to you. Your first purchase will result in a $50 donation to the animals of the Sanctuary. After that, 2% of all gas and grocery store purchases and 1% of all other purchases will automatically be donated to IEAS. Up to 10% of purchases made at select merchants can also be donated to the Sanctuary. This is such an easy, automatic way to support these amazing creatures! You will receive all of the benefits of the Capital One Visa Platinum Card, including no annual fee and a low introductory purchase rate!

Capital One CardYou will have three custom IEAS card designs to choose from! Shop with pride, knowing that every purchase you make with your new Capital One Visa Platinum Card will help to provide all of the magnificent animals at IEAS with the absolute highest quality of care possible!

"All of you have at least one hundred email addresses on your computer of your friends, family, and acquaintances. For the benefit of the animals here at IEAS, please forward this page to others, so they too can become part of the IEAS family and contribute to the animals in this way. With your assistance, we will be able to generate funds for the animals at no cost to you or the individuals that you forward this to. It's a win-win situation for all! In the end, the animals are the winners. Thank you for caring."
Richard Gilbreth


Our New TruckWell, we have finally purchased a truck for the animals of IEAS! IEAS staff and volunteers have been keeping an eye out for a great, used pick-up truck in order to pick up produce and pumpkins for the bears and cats, as well as other donations for the animals. We have finally found that perfect deal! Back in November 2009, many of you donated money for this cause. We thank all of you for your generous support! This truck is now helping the animals and will be for years to come!

March Birthdays

Zanzibar Zanzibar

Male African Leopard
Born: March 4, 1989
Rescued: December 1990

Zanzibar will be 21 years old this month! He is the oldest leopard at the Sanctuary. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Zanzibar is this old. Although he has a lasting limp from being abused by his owner, he can still be very playful. You will see this a lot on cool, windy days when Zanzibar will run across his habitat, following the gator as you drive by. He also likes to hang out by the fence that separates him from his favorite neighbors, Allie Kat and Rasul. Zanzibar's favorite thing to play with is his hanging tire. He will play with it for hours or just climb in the middle of it and rest for a while.


Domino Domino

Male Jaguar
Born: March 7, 1993
Rescued: May 1993

Domino will be 17 years old this month. Domino lives in a spacious habitat complete with a pool with a waterfall, a house for shelter, trees, and lots of perches for him to lounge on. He is the third cat that you will see on your tour of IEAS. Domino actually knows whenever a tour will be coming into the Sanctuary. He can hear the cars as they pull into the Gift Shop. So when you come for your tour, and you are waiting outside on a nice sunny day for your tour to begin, you can be sure that Domino is lying on his highest perch, watching you as you anxiously await to start!


Chrissy Chrissy

Female Bobcat
Born: March 17, 2008
Rescued: May 12, 2008

Chrissy will be two years old this year. She arrived at IEAS after she was orphaned when her mother was tragically shot. Chrissy lives with her friend Tricia. They love their new home here at the Sanctuary. Chrissy enjoys spending most of the day lounging on her highest perch, watching all of her surroundings. She likes to play with all of her toys, especially her tennis balls, and she loves watching all of the birds flying around and chasing them if they dare to come into her domain!


Gedi Gedi

Female Lion
Born: March 17, 1992
Rescued: June 1992

Gedi will be 18 years old this month. Gedi is one of the many animals here at IEAS who benefits greatly from our Emotional Enrichment Program. Louis Dorfman, IEAS animal behaviorist, has formed a strong bond with Gedi and she loves to have him come to visit her. When the interns first arrive, many of them just fall in love with Gedi right away. She is always chosen by interns as one of the cats that they want to sit with. Gedi really enjoys having visitors come and sit by the fence to spend time with her.


Ron Ron

Male Lion
Born: March 19, 1995
Rescued: March 1996

Ron will be 15 years old this month. Ron was one of the lucky cats who got a brand new enrichment item this year...a fire hose ball. While Ron does love his fire hose ball, his tire is still his favorite toy! Like many of the lions here at the Sanctuary, you will never find Ron very far from his tire. Many times he will fall asleep with his paw draped over, like he is afraid someone might steal it while he is sleeping! Come and see Ron on your tour at IEAS!


NDito N'Dito

Female Cougar
Born: March 27, 1994
Rescued: April 1994

N'Dito will be 16 years old this month. N'Dito is very apt to show the staff and her adoptive parents just how quick and agile she is on any given day. In one split second, she can move from her house to the top tier of her terraced habitat, and it's possible her paws will rarely touch the ground. It is that speed, power and instinctive behavior that shows anyone exactly why exotic cats don't make good pets. Ndito's eyes are as powerful as her legs; her stare is capable of saying, "you're not filling my pool correctly," or "do not move my pile of leaves!" It will take time for new adoptive parents to establish a trusting rapport with N'Dito, but it will happen because this beautiful and cunning cougar really does have a little bit of a soft spot in her heart.



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