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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Adoption Coalition of Texas (Forever Families) Introduces Thomas (8) and Tony (10)
Jennifer Borget - News 8 Austin

March, 2010

This is another must watch video!

Click here to watch the video of these very cool boys!

Two brothers bring a burst of energy to an inflatable park
2/27/2010 10:52 PM
By: Jennifer Borget

Brothers Thomas and Tony were bouncing off the walls, literally, at the giant inflatable playground.

They each took turns impersonating Michael Jordan in the bouncy basketball court, and like little energizer bunnies, they kept going and going, only taking a break for water.

Trying to keep up with the boys was difficult, but the almost inseparable duo didn't have a problem keeping each other company. They say when it comes to finding a family, inseparable is how they'd like to stay.

"He doesn't want to leave me and I don't want to leave him," Tony said.


More Information

Tony and Thomas
News 8's Jennifer Borget has more on two brothers who are in search of a forever family.

Tony and Thomas did eventually get tired after bouncing around at Pump It Up Round Rock, but they said it's a place they'd love to go back to with their adoptive family.

Tony said he's more than ready to take the plunge.

"I can leave all the stuff behind, and just worry about my family and God and Jesus," he said.

Thomas was a little quieter on the subject, but he also has reasons for wanting a forever family.

"They love us a lot and then go play," he said.

And while finding the perfect match isn't a race. It's something they desperately want.

"Foster family — you have to do paperwork and stuff like that, and move around when new kids come," Tony said. "I need a family; me and my brother need a family because we've been praying if we can get a family."

Climbing up stairs and jumping through obstacle courses was no challenge for them. In fact, it was like practice for their future careers. Tony said he has his job choices narrowed down to a few things.

"A soccer player or a professional soccer player or a hero," Tony said.

Along the same lines, little brother Thomas said he wants to be a police officer.

"Go find robbers at night time, go in a police car," Thomas said.

The boys hope the right someone will answer their prayers and give them a family will help nurture those dreams as they grow up, together.

Forever Families airs every week on Sunday mornings. If you'd like to know more about a child you've seen on Forever Families, contact the Adoption Coalition of Texas at (888) 441-2009.







Tracy Eilers, DM

Executive Director

Adoption Coalition of Texas

2222 Western Trails, Ste. 101

Austin, TX 78745


512-692-2540 fax

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Remember ~ there are no fees to adopt from the foster care system, regardless of what agency you work with! 

The Adoption Coalition of Texas is a collaborative effort of private nonprofit child placing agencies (The Arrow Project, Homes4Good, Lutheran Social Services, Marywood Children and Families and Pathways Youth and Family Services) and Child Protective Services, all working together to find forever families for abused and neglected kids languishing in the foster care system.


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