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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Citizen Schools Texas News
Citizen Schools

February, 2010

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Citizen Schools Texas Newsletter

February 2010

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 CTsWhiteHouseCitizen Teachers in the White House
obama and duncan
In January, Citizen Schools attended a White House awards ceremony with President Obama recognizing 85 Presidential Award-winning math and science educators and announcing a new $250 million initiative to bolster STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. That morning, Citizen Schools facilitated a training for those 85 teachers, who represent every state in the nation.
Working with partners from the White House-endorsed "National Lab Day" initiative ("a national barn-raising for hands-on learning"), Citizen Schools had a chance to WOW! some of the best science teachers in the country.  We shared our apprenticeship curricula, our online volunteer support community, CT Nation, and sought feedback from the teachers on the following question: how can we make scientists collaborating with teachers "the new normal in STEM education?" Read More >>
ProgramFeature Program Spotlight: Kealing Middle School
Reflections from a Teaching Fellowship
8GA visit UT
Isabel Segerra is a Teaching Fellow in Austin and an alumnus of Kealing Middle School. As she nears the end of her Citizen Schools experience, Isabel took time to reflect on her experience first as a student and then as an educator at her middle school alma mater.

When I was 7 years old, I moved to the United States from my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. My family moved to Northeast Austin where I began going to school. Because the school I was attending wasn't exemplary, I began applying to various magnet programs. With the support of my family, I joined the magnet program at Kealing Middle School in 7th grade. I continued my education at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) for high school and was accepted to Texas A&M my senior year. When I was living in College Station, I interned at a local high school, tutoring high school seniors who failed the TAKS test. My experience tutoring these students opened my eyes to what I had spent so much time pushing myself away from. If I hadn't made the deliberate choices I did, I could be in the same position as the very students I was tutoring. Read More >> 
CitizensForCSTexas Staff Launch "Citizens for Citizen Schools"
Texas Team Feb 2010Citizens for Citizens Schools is an annual grassroots campaign where Citizen Schools staff across the country commit to raising funds by spreading our mission to their friends, family and colleagues.  In 2009, staff and community supporters across the nation raised nearly $100,000 by creating personal online fundraising sites focused on stories and experiences, and sharing these site with their personal networks.  In Texas, more than 100 individuals donated money and left words of encouragement to support the work of Citizen Schools staff and volunteers in Houston, Austin, and beyond.
From Elena Kennedy, program manager: "At Citizen Schools, I've been on over twenty-five college trips with eighth graders who have never set foot on a college campus. At Citizen Schools, I've met first generation families who came to the United States to ensure that their children get a better education. And at Citizen Schools, I've collaborated with staff members to ensure that those families get the support and resources that will allow their kids to go on to college."

From Jeffrey McWhorter, Team Leader, Kealing Middle School: "One of my favorite Citizen Schools moments happened in the Black and White Photography apprenticeship, which I co-lead with a professional photographer at a nearby darkroom facility.  It was the first time we went into the darkroom, and when the students saw, for the first time, an image appear on the paper as it was dunked into the developer, a gasp of excitement and discovery swept over the room.  This is what Citizen Schools is about: giving students access to possibilities they may never have had before, providing them with the skills they need to realize the possibilities, and watching them use these skills to achieve their goals."
Please visit the 2010 Texas pages to meet the amazing men and women who dedicate their time and efforts to preparing high school-ready and college-bound young leaders!  Donating through Firstgiving is quick, easy, secure, and tax deductable. New pages are popping up every day as campuses rally around a shared fundraising goal. For more information about how to support the Citizens For Citizen Schools campaign, contact Carrie Camero, development and evaluation coordinator.
In the News
Citizen Schools Texas
Citizen Schools blends real-world learning projects with rigorous academic and leadership development to prepare students in the middle grades for success in high school, college, and civic life.  In 2005, Citizen Schools expanded to Texas and today serves more than 500 students in high-need urban schools in Austin and Houston.

To learn more about Citizen Schools in Texas, visit our website or contact our Houston or Austin office.
Austin State Office
2520 Longview Street
Suite 315A
Austin, Texas 78705
512.476.1639 office
512.524.5254 fax 
Houston State Office
2503 Robinhood Street
Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77005
713.529.4006 office
713.529.4008 fax

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