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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Calling All Bards, Bargainers, & Barterers
Writer's Garrett

December, 2009

Opportunity #1:
The Writer's Garret is seeking local nonprofits and / or literary / history experts
with solid knowledge and interest in the Civil Rights era here in the Dallas-Fort
Worth area. We are especially interested in exploring local watershed events that
occurred in neighborhoods now located on or within walking distance of the DART

We will be applying for a large grant in January that, if selected, will be awarded
in September to begin the planning process for the following year. At that time,
if selected, The Writer's Garret may be able to award payments for participation
ranging from $25 - $3000.

If interested in being a participant in the planning process, please send a letter
of interest to The Writer's Garret at []
and mention in subject line "Opportunity #1."

Please include your qualifications, interest, and availability. If you are a nonprofit
that wishes to participate, be prepared to submit your operating budget and / or
a project budget to be included in the actual grant application to help facilitate
the award selection in our project's favor.


Opportunity #2:
The Writer's Garret is seeking writers, speakers, literary professionals, and volunteers
interested in giving readings, teaching classes, serving as mentors, working on-line
with students, tutoring young people, reading to young children or the elderly,
teaching reading or writing in our school programs, and more.

We are looking for talented, innovative, published, and / or experienced writers
and speakers to feature in workshops, readings, on-line, and more. We invite you
to send us your qualifications and interest in participating in Garret programs.
If you do not know much about us, please look over our website []
before contacting us. Please note that we are building a "talent" database for years
to come, so we may not be able to work with you immediately, but think it would
still be great to get to know you. Also note that we are not an agency, do not review
manuscripts, are not a club with a single monthly meeting, and cannot get you published.
Hopefully, if you answer this call, you will live within driving distance of Dallas,
Texas, or be on tour and like to include us as one of your stops (although we usually
cannot accommodate requests with less than six months notice, and often need more
time than that). Even if not, limited travel reimbursements may be available.

We may also have honoraria for those serving as instructors for children, youth,
adults, or seniors.

Please indicate if you are willing to donate or barter your services, or help out
as a volunteer in a variety of programs.

We also welcome all of your suggestions for others whom you believe we should contact.
Please feel free to forward this email to others who may be interested.
Please send to []
qualifications, interest, requirements, vita/bio/resume, and / or anything else
that you deem as significant in order for us to best determine compatibility of
purpose and programming. Mention in subject line "Opportunity #2." We will follow
up as needed, so not to worry.

Opportunity #3:
The Writer's Garret is seeking nonprofits wishing to be partners in a consortium
to develop quality language arts projects for schools, community centers, libraries,
and neighborhood venues.

About ten years ago, a number of partners joined together to bring the arts back
into the schools. A tremendous success, this program gave birth to many initiatives
that have enriched the lives of our children and our communities.

New statistics show that reading and writing--the language arts--play a significant
role in helping young people in all of their courses, even math, and that a decline
in mastery is one of the chief reasons that young people end up dropping out of
school. This is so avoidable. When administered creatively, reading and writing
help young people understand themselves and their environment, develop self-confidence,
cultivate critical discourse, and connect socially in a meaningful way.

If you are an individual or member of a nonprofit that is developing or has programming
related to literacy, reading, writing, poetry, spoken word, or narrative (including
playwriting, blogging, or scripting), you may want to join our "creative literacy"
partnership. The power of our combined resources and talents will enable us to have
more influence with school districts, serve more communities, and attract more funding.

If interested, please send information about you and/ or your organization to
[] and mention in your subject line "Opportunity
#3." Please indicate any prior educational experience.

Opportunity #4:
The Writer's Garret is seeking donors AND bidders for our "12 Days of Gifting" on-line
auction that is beginning TODAY. Every day thru December 19 we will be adding new
items that will be presented to over 6,000 subscribers.

This is the perfect chance for you to get the word out about your business, special
products, or talents; get one last tax write-off before the end of the year; or
to get a REALLY special deal for your holiday shopping, while helping The Writer's
Garret keep on spreading literary cheer throughout the year.

For Businesses or Donors wanting recognition or just to help out:
We are interested in all kinds of donations: writers willing to donate a manuscript
consultation; resorts, hotels, or B&Bs with gift packages; toy stores with train
sets; coin collection; cigar shops; makeup consultants; restaurants; rare books;
wine and cheese stores; tutors wanting to give a month's worth of study lessons;
jewelry makers; dance instructors hoping to win over new clients; car lots with
last year's models; art supply stores; furniture shops; attorneys willing to draw
up wills; chiropractors offering adjustments; pilots giving plane flying lessons;
and more! We are SO open to possibilities!

Send us your donation idea, and if all works out, we will help others learn about
your special services, talents, products, or projects and give you a HUGE Thank
You (we have one coming up in just a few days in fact)! Just email
[] as soon as possible and put "Opportunity #4" in
your subject line.

For Individuals wanting a DEAL this Holiday Season: Right now you can check out
our starter auction and begin bidding. Each item or service will have a "fair market
value," "beginning bid," bidding increments, a "Win it right now" amount--in case
you don't want to wait until Dec. 19 to find out if you won that special gift or
not. Guaranteed--you will get better deals than shopping anywhere, as we are starting
the bids at 10-35% of value, and the "Win it now" prices are at least 20% less than
you will pay "out there." Each day we will be adding new items, so watch as those
emails come in. To check us out, go to the homepage of our website []
or hit this link []!

For Individuals sick to death already of "Holiday Deal" E-mails: Please bear with
us and do not unsubscribe, or you will miss some great calendar events coming up
over the next year. Just delete them if they bug you, and after the holidays, we'll
be back to a much lesser number of e-mails coming through.

For more information overall, refer to which # opportunity and reply to


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