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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Southwest Key E-Newsletter
Southwest Key

December, 2009

  Opening Doors to Opportunity
So Young People Can Achieve Their Dreams
Oct/Nov 2009
In This Issue

Southwest Key Program Recognized with "Best Practice Award"

College Prep Academy Open House

New Kitchen Helps Culinary & Life Skills

Top Performing Students Earn Special Trip

1st Annual SWk Responsible Fatherhood Recognition Event

SWK Development Dept Updates

Honoring Those Who Serve, Veteran's Day, Brownsville, TX

SWK Pleasant Hill, CA, Hosts 2 VIP's

Southwest Key is Hiring
Upcoming Events

@ Southwest Key
6002 Jain Lane, Austin
 Event Info at 512.462.2181

Dec 8
Judicial Election Forum
Meet & Greet Travis County Judges Running for Election

 Dec 10
Holiday Posada featuring
Student Performance of
Mariachi, Teatro, and

Ballet Folklorico

Dec 15
Judicial Election Forum
Meet & Greet Travis County Judges Running for Election
Ways to Help
Get Involved

Southwest Key is seeking:
Event Volunteers
School Volunteers
Comm. Outreach Volunteers
Fundraising Volunteers support our East Austin College Prep Academy and
other programs happening
in East Austin.
Contact Victoria Gutierrez
if you are interested: 512.583.2567

Contact Us

Southwest Key National Headquarters
6002 Jain Lane
Austin, Texas 78721

Southwest Key Program Recognized with "Best Practice Award"

A Letter from El Presidente/CEO
I am very proud to share that one of our Juvenile Justice (JJ) Programs, Family Keys Program in Goshen, New York, has recently been recognized with a "Best Practices Award" by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), a component of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.

Our Family Keys model has been accepted into the OJJDP DSO Best Practices database. Their review found our program meets the Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders (DSO) best practices criteria: namely, it is based on a clear, well-articulated conceptual framework, it establishes a causal association between the treatment and outcome, and the evaluation findings show empirical evidence of some impact on DSO trends
This has been a goal we have been working towards for at least a year now and thanks to the great work at the program level, our friends at Vera Institute for Justice (who nominated us), staff members including Jill, Ananda, Kevin, Dr. Gray, Rachel, Judy, Veronica and Carol, we are now considered a best practice model. The implications for this designation will go far in opening doors to additional opportunities to work with kids and families in different locations.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your continued support this year. It is a testament to all of you that Southwest Key Programs has continued to grow stronger despite these tough economic conditions.

My best wishes for this holiday season to you and all your families.


College Prep Academy Open House

We held our 1st ever open house for our East Austin College Prep Academy on November 5th.

90 people showed up to talk to the teachers, staff and students and see the middle school and facilities for themselves. The event was hosted by Southwest Key Programs and the Mexican Consulate. Ballet Folklorica was part of the evenings entertainment.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and our partners at AMD including Allyson Peerman, Ward Tisdale and Karin Dicks for your fabulous support!

More pictures and a short video can be found our new public blog at

New Kitchen Helps Culinary & Life Skills
I wanted to share these pictures with you as one of our programs Casita Del Valle, moved to a new home and are lucky enough to have multiple kitchens, one of which is used to offer the children in the shelter cooking classes.

The children follow a 6 week curriculum that teaches them everything from hygiene in food preparation, nutrition, and, of course, the preparation of different meals. The final project for the class will be for them to prepare a big meal for the clients and staff.  They love using the kitchen, and we’re happy that we are able to spark a new interest and perhaps passion with food, that may lead to bigger and better things in life.

Here’s a few of pictures with the kids hard at work, and enjoying themselves learning new skills in the kitchen. Thanks for looking!

Adriana Saenz,
Program Director, LCCA
Southwest Key Program – Casita Del Vallenty

Top Performing Students Earn Special Trip

15 of the top performing students here at Southwest Key Programs East Austin College Prep Academy, earned the right to go and meet one of their favorite recording artists, Pitbull, in Austin Texas. These 6th graders, who attend Southwest Key Programs East Austin College Prep Academy, were picked up in style by a stretch Hummer and taken to the meet him one-on-one.
They had the opportunity to ask him questions and learn a little bit about his world and the challenges he has had to face in life. He was an inspiration to the kids and he shared a powerful message about the importance of staying in school and earning a good education.

More pictures and a short video can be found our new public blog at

1st Annual SWK Responsible Fatherhood Recognition Event

SWK Responsible Fatherhood program had our 1st Annual SWK Responsible Fatherhood Recognition Event on September 25, 2009 at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  We had over 60 people that attended with their families.  The event theme was a Hollywood Night!

We honored the fathers with an acknowledgement of their commitment to their families and the program, dinner, gift baskets, and a T-shirt.  We had a full agenda with a welcoming, a keynote speaker, and some presentations by our caseworkers, and community partners.  We had a very spirit filled closing by one of our community partners  Ms. Patricia Castillo of the Peace Initiative.

She reminded us that as she advocates on domestic violence issues throughout our community she is ultimately thinking  about families doing as we were doing that night. Families coming together and enjoying each other. Families that represent peace in our community.  Families that are building a better community!   

I want to thank my team Emily, Jerome, and Beatriz for their hard work and dedication to this event and for running such a wonderful program I feel truly blessed and honored to have you all on my team.  I would also like to thank my boss Mrs. Leon for putting up with me through this process I know that it wasn't an easy thing to do!

Jesus Sanchez
SWK Development Department Updates

Lots of great news to share.

Harris County Juvenile Probation Department Award
Congratulations go out to our Texas programs. Southwest Key recently received a contract from the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department to operate an Evening Reporting Center (ERC). The ERC will provide serve pre and post-adjudicated youth who are at risk of being placed in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, offering a unique blend of services intended to ensure that youth report back to court as directed and prevent youth from being sent to a secure placement due to probation violations. This contact is expected to bring in $595,000 in revenue annually and will be overseen by Chief Programs Officer, Ms. Veronica-Delgado Savage, and Regional Executive Director, Ms. Cindy Leon. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the preparation of this extensive proposal. Great job!

College Connections Program Award
Congratulations go out to our Austin HQ and Austin programs. Southwest Key received a grant in the amount of $100,000 to support our College Connections Program as well as our workforce development and job coaching activities from JP Morgan Chase.

College Connections is a college preparatory program for local high school seniors that provides them with comprehensive academic and social supports designed to help them graduate and gain acceptance into a college or university. The workforce development and job coaching activities provide vocational counseling, support, and job training to Southwest Key Maintenance employees as well as prospective job seekers from throughout Austin. The Job Training program will continue to be overseen by Mr. Jorge Botello. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the preparation of this proposal. AWESOME!

Dell Foundation Grant Award

Congratulations go out to our Austin Headquarters and Austin programs one more time since we also received a 1st time grant from DELL Foundation for $5,000 for our College Connections Program (see program description above)!

Southwest Key Dallas Programs Award

Congratulations to Southwest Key’s Dallas Programs who were awarded $10,000 earlier this month through the, "Degree for Me" organization (Mexican Soccer league sponsor).  See picture below! Thank you for the incredible work you all do!

Honoring those Who Serve, Veteran's Day, Brownsville, TX

Southwest Key Casa Esperanza celebrated their first Veteran’s Day Function by recognizing those staff currently employed who served a branch of the military.

Four members were recognized and presented with US Flags and a poem by members of our student council.  The president of the student council read the significance of Veteran’s Day Celebration, but the most touching moment came when one of the residents recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  Keep in mind these are residents whose language is Spanish, yet with such clarity he was able to lead his peers and those in the audience without error or hesitation.

SWK Pleasant Hill, CA, Hosts 2 VIP's
Our visits, though not Royalty, were as good as royalty.  None other than the Director of ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement), Mr. Eskander Negash visited our program on a Sunday morning. He toured our facility; spoke with the staff; clients and the Program Director.  He gave a very encouraging and down-to-earth talk to the clients.  He told them to dream big; and take advantage of all the good things they are getting from the program.
It so happened that Mr. Negash told his boss about our program, and we had a call from our Project Officer to notify us about the visit of the new Principal Undersecretary in Health and Human Services, Mr. David Hansell.  On the one hand we were thrilled that we are being chosen as one of the two programs in the whole of USA that Mr. Hansell was going to visit; and on the other hand, we were also not sure what to expect.  I didn’t have to fear, because my bosses came to our aid. 
Southwest Key is Hiring

Youth Tracker
- Youth Tracking Program in Americus/Cordele, Savannah/Hinesville, and Warner Robbins, Georgia

Director of Southwest Key Enterprises - National Headquarters, Austin, Texas

Clinician - Wraparound Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Family Specialist/Case Aide - Community Connections Program in Austin, Texas

Financial Accountant - National Headquarters, Austin, Texas

Lead Case Manager - Immigrant Children's Shelter in Pleasant Hill, California

Cook - Immigrant Children's Shelter in Brownsville and El Paso, Texas

Youth Care Worker - Relief- Immigrant Children's Shelter in El Paso, TX

Administrative Assistant - Programs in Houston, Texas

See a full list of all open job positions or use our searchable jobs database to find opportunities that suit your specific career interests.

Thank you for reading the October/November issue of Southwest Key’s E-Newsletter. You will hear from us again in January as we share our activities for 2010.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2010.


The Southwest Key Familia

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