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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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UTSA Opens New $82.5M Engineering Building
Press Release

October, 2009

Although the official ribbon-cutting will not take place until Spring 2010, UTSA students, faculty and staff are stirring with excitement at the anticipated completion of the new $82.5 million Applied Engineering and Technology Building (AET) on the UTSA Main Campus.  The new 145,440-square-foot facility, a phase II expansion of its neighbor, the Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building (BSE), will be completed by the end of the month.

The four-story AET building includes 87 faculty offices, 36 research laboratories and other support spaces.  In addition, the AET’s Ground Floor includes five classrooms—three of which are already in use—as well as a Hydrology laboratory, Animal Science laboratories and a teaching laboratory.

Faculty slated to occupy the new building are moving between Sept. 28 and Nov. 6.  To support the rapid growth in the student population and the research activity in the College of Engineering, its four departments will expand into the AET’s first and second floors.  They include the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  The College of Sciences’ Department of Physics and Astronomy will occupy the third floor.

Designed by San Antonio architectural firm Garza Bombarger and engineered by Austin-based HMG & Associates, the new building has been constructed by general contractor Walbridge / Bartlett Cocke, a joint venture with San Antonio connections, under the supervision of the University of Texas Office of Facility Planning and Construction (OFPC) and the UTSA Office of Facilities.  The $82.5 million building was funded by Permanent University Funds and Tuition Revenue Bonds.


About the University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio is one of the fastest growing higher education institutions in Texas and the second largest of nine academic universities and six health institutions in the UT System.  As a multicultural research and teaching institution of access and excellence, UTSA aims to be a premier public research university, providing access to educational excellence and preparing citizen leaders for the global environment.


                UTSA serves more than 29,100 students in 64 bachelor’s, 47 master’s and 21 doctoral degree programs in the colleges of Architecture, Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Honors, Liberal and Fine Arts, Public Policy, Sciences and Graduate School.  Founded in 1969, UTSA is an intellectual and creative resource center and a socioeconomic development catalyst for Texas and beyond.



Architectural Profile

The five-story Applied Engineering and Technology Building (AET)’s exterior facade includes 18,000 cubic yards of excavated native limestone rock, blending with its neighboring BSE Building, which features a blend of limestone, stucco and sloped clay-tile roofs.  Construction materials for the AET included 2,200 linear feet of foundational piers, 200 tons of erected steel, 10,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,400 tons of stone veneer.

            Mechanical specifications include a 950 kilowatt generator (30,000 pounds), double-ended 4,000 amp electrical service (60,000 pounds), 32 miles of mechanical and plumbing piping, 72 miles of conduit and 242,170 pounds of ductwork.

            The new building’s North Plaza, currently in progress, will include a bronze fountain with stainless steel elements, a design based loosely on atomic and molecular structure.  Recycled condensate from the chillers cooling the AET will supply the fountain with recycled water.  In addition, the North Plaza will include two stainless steel, LED illuminated light columns and six stainless steel / mahogany sculptural benches.



The AET: By the Numbers


Total size: 145,440 square feet

Total cost: $82,500,000

Cost per square foot: $567.24

Duration of construction: 790 calendar days

Total number of workers on the project: 200 on average / day

Number of lecture halls: 0

Number of elevators: 3

Number of vending machines: 21

Number of chairs purchased: 1,219

Number of faculty to be moved: 60



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