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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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New Interns for the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
Press Release

October, 2009

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 41, October 6, 2009

New Interns Arrive at IEAS

InternsNot only is the sanctuary home to 72 exotic animals, but it is also a place providing education and conservation. The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary started the Intern Program in 2002. The program was a success from the beginning and has attracted students from all over the United States, and Texas has been well represented. In 2007, the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc. (AAZK) honored IEAS with the Certificate of Merit for Zookeeper Education (CMZE). The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals, institutions and organizations in the zoological community most actively promoting educational programs for zookeepers. Over the last eight years, more than 180 interns have completed our program and have moved on to contribute to zoos, sanctuaries and other reputable animal related facilities across the nation. Each of these inspired individuals have left here with one goal in mind-to help insure a quality life for captive animals and assist in animal welfare in the years to come. What better insurance do captive animals have for the future other than educating committed individuals that are dedicated to providing a quality life for captive wildlife by continuing education and practical experience!

Four new interns arrived on September 1, 2009. We are happy to welcome Jamie, Kari, Megan, and Christina to the IEAS team! We are also excited to have Kyleen and Lili stay with us for another three months! Don't forget that you can help support the Education Program by sponsoring an intern! You can call our office at 940-433-5091 for more information.

Save your Pumpkins!

Don't forget to save your pumpkins after Halloween! You can donate them to the animals of IEAS! The cats love to play with them, running around with them, tearing them to shreds, or carrying them into their pools for hours of fun. The bears…well they just love to eat them! Check out our Behavioral Enrichment to see lots of pictures and videos of the animals enjoying their pumpkins.


October Birthdays!

Samson Samson

Male Lion
Born October 13, 1990

Samson will be 19 years old this month! It is always a treat to be walking around the Sanctuary and hear the lions start roaring. Many times, one will start to call and the rest will join in. Samson has a lion neighbor, Ron. If you happen to be walking between the two habitats while they start to call, you can actually feel the vibrations under your feet and throughout your whole body. It is one of the most amazing feelings you can experience. See if the lions start calling as you walk through on your tour at IEAS. You can see a video of Samson roaring here.


Nayakahn Nayakahn

Male Bengal Tiger
Born October 15, 1993

Nayakahn will be 16 years old this month! One of Naya's favorite toys is his tire. He likes to carry it around with him, take it in the pool, take it in his house to sleep with it. Sometimes, when he gets really playful, he actually slips it over his head and wears it like a necklace! Don't believe it? Check out this picture! Hopefully someday we will catch it on video so we can show you how he gets it on and off!


Tony & Boom

Male & Female Bengal Tiger
Born October 20, 1989

Tony and Boom will be 20 years old this month. There is only one tiger that is older than these two here at IEAS. While these siblings are starting to physically show their age, they are still two of the most affectionate tigers here at the Sanctuary. Sometimes we may get grumpy in our old age, but not Tony and Boom. They still greet all of their visitors with a chuff and love to have people come and visit them to sit by their habitat.

Tony Boom


Pecos Pecos

Male Bobcat
Born October 30, 1996

Pecos will be 13 years old this month. Pecos has a bobcat neighbor right next to him, Zeus. Sometimes new interns have trouble remembering who is who at first. Zeus likes to sit very calmly and wait for breakfast to be delivered. Pecos is not so patient, sometimes trying to paw at the fence as if saying "Can't you go any faster?" So I always tell the interns that Pecos is the pushy one and Zeus is the polite one. This helps them remember who is who.



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