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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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The Big Show 2009 Awards Announcement
Press Release

July, 2009

Houston, TX - Lawndale Art Center is pleased to announce The Big Show 2009 award winners.  The Big Show 2009 award winners selected by guest juror, Laura Fried, Assistant Curator for the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, were announced at the opening reception on July 10, 2009.  Laura considered the 3 award winners equally, and in lieu of awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards, decided to split to total award amount evenly between three recipients. 

A total of 95 works by 65 artists were selected for the exhibition from 994 works submitted by 409 artists.  Artists selected for the exhibition include:

John Adelman, David Ancira, Michael Arcieri, Lori Avramis, Heather Bause, Mack Bishop 3rd, James Burns, Douglas Cason, Federico Cavazos & Sarah Jones, David Cobb, Chris Comperry, Shannon Crider, Anne Delpine, Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Nathaniel Donnett, Jane Eifler, Xenia Fedorchenko, Orna Feinstein, Jed Foronda, Frank Fuzzy, Jesus Galvan, James Glassman, David P. Gray, Buster Graybill, Jasmyne Graybill, Chris Dethloff Greene, Natasha Hakala, Maria Cristina Jadick, Jason Kishell, Trish Klenow, Mindy Kober, Stephen Kwok, Julian Joseph Kyle, Larry Larrinaga, Cody Ledvina, Anna Lide, M. E. Buddy Marrs, Michael Meazell, Donna M. Meeks, Rahul Mitra, Christian R. Mora, Jessica Ninci, Jim Nolan, Emily Peacock, Donna Perkins, Kevin Peterson, Page Piland, Julon Pinkston, Tim Robtoy, Allan Rodewald, John Runnels, Stephen Ruth, Lynne Rutzky, Kay Sarver, Sarah Schellenberg, Tra Slaughter, Dirk Strangely, Kamila Szczesna, Tala Vahabzadeh, Rebecca Villarreal, Lillian Warren, William Witte, Catherine Zaras, Zepeda.

The Big Show 2009The Big Show 2009

Three $1,000 cash award were awarded to:

Buster Graybill, Maria Cristina Jadick, and M.E. Buddy Marrs

Buster Graybill

Buster Graybill Junked, 2007
Inkjet print
20" x 30"
Maria Cristina Jadick

Douglas Cason Play Ball, 2009
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

M.E. Buddy Marrs

Anne Regan American Genre / Roll Over Norman, 2009
Oil on Masonite
12" x 16"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Thursday, July 30, 2009
6-8 PM

Join us at Lawndale Art Center as some of the Big Show Artists participate in two nights of short, informal slide presentations of their work.


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