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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Strategic and Tactical Ways to Improve Results from Email Marketing
Kate Lankford

July, 2009

Here are some clear ways to improve your email message results:

- Include your Company name or Brand name in the From Name of your email envelope fields, and make certain your logo as well as your Company name (in text) appears in the preview pane that your recipients will see.

- Make certain your email's color scheme and graphics are congruent with your website and all other marketing collateral. Consistency is critical.

- Think about headings, and subheadings to be included in your email before you start coding the html. Outline the headings and prioritize them by the most important and valuable call(s) to action. When it's time to design your message, you will already have your headings and subheadings ready.

- Offer a link to "view message with images" at the very top of your message which takes your recipient to your newsletter hosted on your website or in the iContact community (so they don't have to unblock images).

- Clarity always trumps persuasion. Be clear about your offer's value, and let realistic expectations for your readers. Exceeding their expectations will benefit your Brand in the end.

- If you have a long message, be certain to include an intuitive outline that appears above the fold (top 450 pixels to be safe), so that your readers will realize all of the value contained in your message. Utilize video in your message to engage your customers emotionally  to your value. Link to your video by including a jpeg image of a screen shot that previews the video. Ask your iContact account manager for assistance.

- If you have long paragraphs in your message consider using a "Read more" link that provides them a link to your website with the full length article o that you can shorten your content. Think "Byte sized chunks" and use your email as a gateway to your website. Remember the goal of an email is to achieve a click or phone call, and the sale or call to action is almost always achieved on your website or on the phone.

- Improve your recipients click through rate by making your call(s) to action easy to perform by utilizing color, numbering, bullet points, and images to highlight them.

- Eye tracking studies show that your Main call-to-action for recipients
should be included in the upper-left quadrant of your message, and make it
stand out.

- Render test your emails across all the major clients. Email clients
handle basic html differently, and it's important to make certain your
message looks good on all the major clients. Your iContact Account Manager
can do this for you.

- Create an in-house test group to review your email for spelling errors,
link errors, and have them identify the goal of your message. You'll need
to give your iContact Account Manager the final approval before we'll send
your message. before sending your message perform an analysis of a competitor's message and then your own message from beginning to end.:

- Look at the Envelope fields - The From Name, From Email Address, and the
Subject line: do you recognize the From line and email address, and does the Subject line instill enough value for you to open this message?

- Next the Preview Pane-The top 450 pixels of your message body does the preview of the message motivate you  to read through the message in full view?

- The Full View mode- The message is opened goes the message flow well and have a clear goal.

- Take Action or Ignore-The most important stage
This asks the question-were you motivated?
Did you take action or consider taking action?
If the answer is no then answer for both your own message and your
competitors message what would have inspired me to take action? Then
include this in your final version of your message

Kate Lankford is an Account Manager at IContact.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at (919) 459-2828, or via email at . Happy emailing!


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