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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Learn about LuPaul Macedonian Medical Missionaries of Mary, Inc. in Houston
Press Release

July, 2009

LuPaul Macedonian Medical Missionaries of Mary, Inc. is a non-profit organization which was founded in the Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2004 and is now locatied in Houston, Texas.  The organization is currently in search of volunteers and hopes to spread the word about their work in the United States, Africa, and Central America.  Read on to learn more about what they do and make sure to visit their website at

GOAL: To restore life and dignity to ALL through the faithful example of St. Luke and St. Paul: e.g. Promotion of Health care, Provision of Basic Human Needs through Medical care services and technology, Social Services, Education; and Legal Protection of Human Rights, etc.,


LuPaul Macedonian Medical Missionaries of Mary (LuPaul Human Development Agency –DBA), is a not-for-profit, charitable organization with spiritual values, dedicated to providing high quality human services in order to improve the health, lifestyle and aspirations of the people in need..


  • In collaboration with other organizations, we are committed to assessing and creating healthcare solutions which meet the needs of individuals in our diverse communities.
  • We are stewards of community resources and are committed to being Spiritually, medically, socially, legally, and environmentally involved in the development of human potentials.
  • We are devoted to providing superior quality and cost-efficient, innovative, and compassionate care to the poor, the hungry and needy especially, AIDS/HIV, and MENTAL HEALTH Diseases.
  • We collaborate with our clients, families, other organizations, agencies, employees, volunteers, Vendors and communities to achieve our Mission.
  • We promote educational programs that focuses on tomorrows technology, from Prep-School to University level.
  • We are committed to Human Rights Abuses, Social Justice, and Refugee Settlement.
  • We have high ethical standards and expect integrity, fairness, and respect in all our relationships.


  1. Healthcare Services: (Evangelical model of Medical centers, Mobile clinics for the poor, Home healthcare, Eye clinics, Women Clinics, Nursing homes, Pregnancy Centers., etc.,), Imaging and Health technology Clinic
  2. Legal ministry for the defense of those denied Legal Rights, and Human rights, Immigration services, and Refugee Settlement.
  3. Education and Intellectual development of the poor and Needy Persons: We provide basic level skill education in: GED, ESL, EL Civics, AED, Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, Medication Aide, LVN/LPN, Professional Nursing Education, etc.
  4. Shelter for Refugees and Disaster Relief persons; Temporary Shelter for Run-away Kids; Food Pantry and Clothes Ministry,  Ministry for the Homeless:-
    “Above All things, “Never forget the Poor and the needy in our Group.”

II. LuPaul 4M Center for Empowerment and Rehabilitation for Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Adults).

 The Center will provide Counseling in:

  1. Drugs and Alcohol Counseling services
  2. PTSD/Traumati Brain Injury (BTI), Suicide Prevention, and Sexual Trauma
  3. Spiritual, Psychological, and assist in Social rehabilitation 
  4. Community support for our clients. 
  5. Transitional links to get them back into the mainstream society. 
  6. Educational opportunities: - College Education, Trade and Technical education, and job placement opportunities.

III. . LuPaul MMMM, Inc., International Center For Cultural Exchange.

  1. This is an International Conference Center for visitors to the United States who need a temporary place for few days. This Center will be stuffed with lots of promising things for our American children and public.
  2. The center will provide a forum for a Cultural exchange for the American Public, Schools, and the visitors. 
  3. Will provide orientation opportunities for Americans traveling to African countries, and for the Africans newly admitted into United States. 
  4. LuPaul will provide Immigration information and education to our visitors.


A.    Healthcare:
B.    Education
C.    Social Services, Refugee and Disaster settlement Services,
D.    Immigration Assistance,
E.    Opportunity Skills Training Centers for Youths and Women.
GENERAL HEALTH CARE Services will cover areas like:
LuPaul needs Medical Centers, Mobile clinics, Eye Clinics for Glaucoma patients and Cataracts; Pregnancy Centers, Cancer Screening Centers for women and children, and Maternities. The organization will be involved with Aids/HIV research, and Typhoid fever projects.

Service of Volunteerism @ LuPaul HDA

Volunteers make tremendous contributions to LuPaul’s progress by offering their time and talents. We continue to appreciate their services and support.  Voluntary work at LuPaul daily is purely voluntary.

 Our second target in Africa is the Sudan - Darfur

A.    Social Services Project:
This includes: Food and Shelter for the homeless including our revered Veterans; Food, clothes, water bore-holes, Rural transportation and sometimes Homes for the poor; Drug and Alcohol abuse counseling for Adult.

B.    Education Scholarship, and Infrastructure for Schools.
LuPaul supports Educational programs: Seminaries, Aspirants, those in higher education, and intelligent students denied educational opportunities because of poverty, gender or tribe. We need benefactors, benefactresses, Scholarships and Gov’t Grants.


The Country of Belize as a whole is in dire need of help in all its ramifications. It is a really ravaged country since the British government left that country in the hands of the native politicians. The needs in Belize, covers all aspects of human endeavor. Poverty is everywhere. Uneasiness is felt every where. People live in shacks and on the streets. Unemployment is something not to be mentioned.

This country will need help from Medical, basic education, basic shelter to food. LuPaul was in Belize in 2007 to see the condition of the people as it is.  Even the religious leaders and Churches need help to survive.

LuPaul MMMM is a Tax-exempt, 501 (c) 3, Non profit organization). Gifts of over $250.00 are tax deductible.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT and DONATIONS FOR OUR WORKS. Remember us in your Estate planning, Wills, Bequests, Grants and Donations, etc, etc.

Please, make your checks payable to:
 LuPaul Mac. Med. Miss. of Mary, Inc.
Our mailing address is:
        8449 W. Bellfort, Ste.#200
        Houston, TX 77071


8449 W. Bellfort,
Houston, TX 77071
(713) 773-1232


Rev. Fr. Luke Odor. Ph.D., Ex-officio member
Sr. Edith O. Aguh, B.Sc., Ex-Officio member
Jay Jones, Attorney, Chairman
Norm Palms, Attorney,
Mr. Dike
Mrs. Charles Azih


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