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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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GRACE Weekly Newsletter for Wednesday, June 10th!

June, 2009

The Amazing GRACE Weekly Newsletter
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In This Issue
Program Needs
Wendy and the Pink Bike Book
Larrabee Awesomeness Nets $5k For GRACE
May MVP: Alison Babb
GRACE Clinic Selected For New Project
GRACE Receives Funds From Golf Tournament
Feed Our Kids Kicks Off
Alpine Tree Service Does Awesome Work
This Week at GRACE
Domestic Violence
Support Group:
5:30pm - 6:30pm
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Program Needs

Clothing Room
  • Boys Underwear
    (size 2-8)
  • Boys Clothes
    (sizes 8-16)
  • Toddler socks, boys & girls
    (sizes 2-5)
  • Mens Shoes
    (sizes 7-81/2)
  • Womens Shoes
    (sizes 7-81/2)
  • Food Pantry
    The pantry is either out of or low on the following items. For a complete list of pantry needs, click here.
    Top 10 Needs

    1. Kid's Cereal
    2. Apples
    3. Oranges
    4. Tomatoes
    5. Potatoes
    6. Juice Drinks
    7. Sugar
    8. Deodorant
    9. Fruit Cocktail
    (and other canned fruit)
    10. Lunch Meat

  • Disha Kumar
  • Sharon Ruppert
  • Wendy Stone

  • Anna Badger
  • Taylor Bray

  • Saturday
  • Jennifer Janicki
  • Janet Moore
  • Glenn Schneider

  • Jack Mahoney

  • Linda Fitt
  • Sherry Hargett
  • Christina Keil
  • Helen Pennett
  • Prayer Requests
  • An Abundance of Cash

    If you have a prayer request that you would like to share with our readers, click here to e-mail it to us.
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    Save Money,
    Change Lives!

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    201 N. Barton
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    GRACE is a proud partner agency of the United Way of Tarrant County

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    Wendy and the Pink Bike Book
    Wendy and the Pink Bike BookBack in May, a little girl named Wendy complete an assignment to write a story about something that was important to her. She decided to write about her desire to get a new bike. So, with inspiration from her dreams and little brother and sister, Wendy wrote her story about traveling to Walmart to get a new bike...even down to having to decide between red and pink. The story ends with a brand new pink bike safely stored in the trunk of the car as they make the trip home. (Click here to see a slide show of the actual book.) However, that's only half of the story.
    On the Friday before Memorial Day, GRACE Client Services Manager, Carrie Acosta received a call from Kris Cumnock of PPI Marketing saying that his client, Gallo Wines, wanted to supply 6 children with new bicycles and asked if GRACE could select the kids and get them to come to the Gaylord Texan on June 3rd. So, Carrie and the caseworkers set out to select children from the recent clients who had be seen. Among those chosen was little Wendy. Now keep in mind, neither Carrie, nor any of the caseworkers knew of Wendy's story or desire for a new bike.
    So, Wednesday night each of the selected children and their families make the short trip over to the Gaylord Texan where they were greeted by a smiling man with a sign that read simply "BIKES." The families were then treated to a pizza party before each child was then allowed to select a new bicycle. Lo and behold, as Wendy prepares to make her selection, what do you suppose her color choices were? You've got and pink! Click here to see photos from the night.
    Shortly after that, Wendy's mother called Carrie to let her know about the story that Wendy had written and shared the story of the evening that was so special for Wendy and the children.
    In addition to the six bikes distributed on that Wednesday night, the group of employees from Gallo Wines who presented them made contributions to GRACE which allowed for the purchase of a seventh bike and a cash donation of over $300 toGRACE!
    We'd like to say "Thank You" to the employees of Gallo Wines for their generous contribution to these children and to GRACE, as well as Kris Cumnock with PPI Marketing for thinking of GRACE in the first place.
    Larrabee Awesomeness Nets $5K For GRACE 

    Susan Larrabee with Prudential TX PropertiesTexas Pru Cares, a philanthropic arm of Prudential Financial awards grants to local charities that are supported through volunteerism by members of the Prudential Family. Team members submit their charity of choice and the organization awards based on the applications received. Susan Larrabee, a Realtor with Prudential TX Properties and a GRACE Board Member worked with GRACE Development Associate, Kristi Zan to submit the best possible application and was rewarded with the top award amount of $5,000!
    Susan has been on the GRACE Board of Directors for nearly a year and has chaired the GRACE Gala auction committee for three straight years. Last year's gala auctions are widely considered to be the best in the gala's history.
    Congratulations to Susan for being the top grant recipient and thank you for the "awesomeness" of everything you do for GRACE!
    FORTY! Kenn Mingus, GRACE Food Pantry 
    GRACE Food PantryThat number has nothing to do with our age. It is the number of volunteers who work at the Food Pantry each week. Without this group of marvelous folks, the Pantry simply could not operate.  Perhaps you read the article from the pantry volunteer in last week's news letter. I suspect that those sentiments could be echoed 39 times. We are blessed to be surrounded by people helping people.  Psalm 22:26 -"The poor will eat and be satisfied; they who seek the LORD will praise him - may your hearts live forever!"
    May MVP: Alison Babb
    May MVP - Alison Babb, Special Events CoordinatorCongratulations to GRACE Special Events Coordinator, Alison Babb for being selected as the May MVP winner! Alison was recognized for her fine work on the brand new spring event, GRACE Rocks The Vine!
    Alison gets to enjoy the large GRACE house "traveling trophy" and will help Shonda select the June recipient. Plus, she got an envelope that was probably filled with lots of money...or perhaps not.
    Anyway, congratulations to Alison, your May MVP!
    GRACE Clinic Selected For New Project
    Griselle Estrada, MSN, RN - Education Nurse Manager
    The GRACE Outreach to Health Community ClinicThe GRACE Outreach to Health Community Clinic was selected as one of the locations for the 2009 Community Health Fellowship Program (CHFP) of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center this summer.  This program introduces selected medical students to community-based participatory research through a nine-week research-training program. 
    The GRACE clinic submitted a proposal for a research project that would help identify effective strategies for implementing a brief patient education session during clinic night.  The goal of this teaching opportunity is to raise awareness of simple lifestyle choices that can create a positive impact on overall patient health.  We have identified that in 2008, approximately 40% of the clients seen at the clinic were obese, stressing the need for education and awareness of health risks associated with obesity. 
    The fellow assigned to the GRACE Clinic is Bhavini Patel.  Bhavini is originally from India and is in her second year of medical school.  She is interested in public health issues, particularly those related with preventive medicine.  She will be at the clinic during the summer to interview patients and learn more about our services and our population.  This partnership presents an opportunity for a collaboration that will benefit all involved in better understanding the needs of the individuals we serve in our community and ways we can improve the delivery of care and health outcomes for our clients.
    GRACE Receives $ From Golf Tournament
    Alison Babb, Special Events Coordinator
    Structures and Interiors sponsored "Closest to the Pin" hole.A huge thank you to the folks at Structures & Interiors, especially Mike Lease, Grady Herzog and Deborah Biggers, for thinking of us when they planned their golf tournament.  Deborah set up a "Closest to the Pin" putting competition and made GRACE the beneficiary for the matching funds from the entry fee.  The winner, Matt McPhail, made a hole-in-one and was going to receive the $500 of entry fees and Structures & Interiors would donate the matching $500 to GRACE.  Well Matt wouldn't have any of that and promptly handed the $500 in cash over to me, so GRACE would receive $1000 from the event!
    The fun didn't stop there!  One of the golfers sold his driver to a fellow attendee, but made the buyer pay GRACE for the club instead of himself.  After that, Chris Strittmatter and Jose Duron felt so inspired by everyone's generosity that they told the crowd that if everyone donated money to GRACE, People's Bank would match the funds raised.  That brought in an additional $1196 for GRACE clients!
    This golf tournament and everyone there was the epitome of what GRACE is all about: Neighbors helping Neighbors!  Thanks again to Structures & Interiors and People's Bank!

    Feed Our Kids Kicks Off
    The GRACE Outreach to Health Community ClinicThis past Monday was the start of our summer lunch program, Feed Our Kids. The goal is to provide lunches to children in the area who may not get the nutrition they need because they are not in school. The program is serving meals at five locations initially and will add a sixth one in July.
    Miss Teen Grapevine, Hadley SmithOn Monday, the Scribner location was visited by newly crowned Miss Teen Grapevine, Hadley Smith. She spent time with the children talking about her tiara and what it's like to be Miss Teen Grapevine.
    As the program gets underway and little bellys get filled, we want to say a huge GRACE "Thank You" to all of the churches, groups, businesses and individuals who've committed their time to help insure the health of our communities' children. This program would not be possible without you!
    Alpine Tree Service Does Awesome Work
    Alpine Tree Service removed a dead tree, but you can't tell!Thank you to Alpine Tree Service for removing the dying tree that threatened to fall in front of the GRACE Pantry! They cut down the tree, cut it up and took it away and ground down the stump. The only evidence that they were even there is the bare spot on the ground where the tree was. You can see from the picture above what I'm saying.
    Best of all, Alpine offered their service at a remarkable discount for us! Then, a mystery donor stepped in to pay the bill! Thank you, Alpine Tree Service and mystery donor!

    If you need tree service, you can reach Alpine at 817-656-8733.
    Win this Car!
    The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro in Victory Red!
    Click here for your chance to win a 2010 Chevy Camaro!

    Tickets are $100 each or 3 for $200!

    Visit the GRACE Gala website at for complete rules and details.


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