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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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New Webinar Package by Terry Axelrod Helps Smaller Organizations Get Off the Fundraising Treadmill
Press Release

May, 2009

Seattle, Wash.—May 14, 2009—Benevon is pleased to announce the new Benevon Self-Implementer Webinar/Library Package. The eight pre-recorded webinars, led by Benevon founder Terry Axelrod, are designed specifically for self-implementers of the Benevon Model. When used in tandem with the Benevon Complete Library, these webinars help nonprofit organizations to begin the process of creating sustainable funding. 


This package is the perfect starter program for smaller organizations that are committed to beginning the process of building long-term sustainable funding, yet not currently ready to make the significant investment of time and money to participate in Benevon’s full Curriculum for Sustainable Funding. It is designed for board members and volunteers, CEOs and executive directors or senior-level administrators, fund development directors, marketing and communications staff, and other nonprofit supporters who are serious about getting started on the pathway to sustainable funding


Webinar curriculum:

Module 1: Leaving Your Legacy

Module 2: Designing a Sizzling Point of Entry Event for Your Organization

Module 3: Filling Your Point of Entry Events

Module 4: Planning Your Ask Event

Module 5: Converting Existing Events

Module 6: The Cultivation Superhighway

Module 7: Asking Naturally: Securing Your First Leadership or Challenge Gift

Module 8: Engaging Your Board and Building Your Sustainable Funding Team


Over the last thirteen years, Benevon has worked with more than 3,000 nonprofits to train and coach them in customizing this systematic approach for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors who love their mission and will stay with them for life. These donors give for unrestricted operational funding, capital, and endowment, allowing your organization to get off the treadmill of suffering about year-to-year fundraising and begin the process of building sustainable funding. Groups trained and coached by Benevon raised over $100 million in gifts and pledges in 2008.


Benevon Self-Implementer Webinar Package

$799 plus shipping for eight webinars plus nine-piece Benevon Complete Library

Available at:


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